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    Errors Compiling - OSX Lion

    Nate Burr Community Member

      Has anyone had success running alchemy under lion?


      when i execute gcc in alchemy/achacks/ i get the following error.


      Array @ARGV missing the @ in argument 1 of shift() at /Library/alchemy/achacks/gcc line 218.

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          Dario Pelella

          Hi Nate,


          I had the same problem .

          I'm a relative young mac user... and an absolutely lion nooob

          but googling around i found this solution:


          open the file  /Library/alchemy/achacks/gcc with a text editor

          go to the line 218  and add the '@' near the ARGV like this:

            { $path = shift(@ARGV) }


          i think it's only a warning message, nothing more.


          after that i had also another problem:


          dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libltdl.3.dylib

            Referenced from: /Users/pellicus/Tools/alchemy_osx/bin/llvm-g++

            Reason: image not found



          In fact I installed the xcode lion version that do not install the library libltdl.3.dylib ...

          ... at least that's what I understand reading here and there ...


          then.. i have not found any solution about installing the old lib ver 3... but I see that I have the libltdl.7.dylib..

          so... armed with courage I tried this:

          cd /usr/lib/

          sudo ln -s libltdl.7.dylib libltdl.3.dylib


          ... and it works like a charm ...




          I hope this helps,



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            Nate Burr Community Member

            That solution worked great. Thanks!

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              davy zhang Community Member

              thanks so much !!! save me a lot of time!