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    Compound a number of objects


      Hi there, I am sure this is simple but I am having a brain melt down.


      I have three strokes that I want to 'punch through' a circle. If it was just one stroke I would create a compound path but there are three items.


      So in essence I have three strokes making up a picture of a running man that I want to be 'hollow' on a coloured circle so you can see things below it!


      Hope that makes sense



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          Graham vdR Community Member

          So the strokes are just lines?


          Select the lines, then go to Object > Expand. This converts the lines into shapes. If the lines overlap eachother, select them all and combine then into a single shape by clicking Unite on the Pathfinder palette. Then select this shape and punch it out of the circle using the Pathfinder palette again or your method of making a compound path.


          I hope that helps.

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            JETalmage Community Member

            A compound path is not limited to two subpaths. See online help about Compound Paths, Path Direction, and Winding Rule.