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    Images will not delete, or do not wind up in trash as expected

    Saskatchewanobie Level 2

      Since I upgraded to LR 3, I am not able to delete images from a library without getting an error message that says something to the effect that 'unable to delete from selected drive.' It then goes on to offer the choice 'delete anyway?' which I choose and choose also 'delete from disk' which should throw it into the trash, at least that is what LR 2 used to do. Now, when I choose 'delete anyway' it winds up that: the items are removed from the library and there are the files missing from where they were stored on my external hard drive, where I've always worked with my image storage, but there is nothing in the trash. So where did the images go? They are not in the trash. Were they moved to some undisclosed location?


      Would love to get this resolved as I must be building a huge pile of deleted files somewhere.