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    Pricing model for agencies

    Chrizzlbla Level 1

      Hi there,


      because we're not only working for big international companies, the pricing system is (in this case) nearly unacceptable.

      For these mid-size businesses we (as an agency) need only:

      - the possibility to create a branded viewer

      - the possibility to distribute in-house


      We don't need any analytics, no eCommerce server, no periodicals or anything like this.


      Maybe there's a chance to create an agency-price-model?

      The agency pays an one-time fee for producing ONE branded app/magazine. Then the agency has two opportunities: distribute in the appstore or distribute in-house. Depending on this selection, the agency pays another one-time-fee.


      I hope my thoughts are comprehensible. It's simply impossible to justify the high prices of the ADPS to the customers...


      And unfortunately, that's not only my opinion: http://www.cleverprinting.de/publishing-desaster.html

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          tara330 Level 1

          I agree that it would be beneficial for Adobe to offer more pricing options for DPS. I am a freelancer who has many clients salivating over the possibilities with this technology. I can transform their static publications and brochures into stunning ipad apps rich with interactivity thanks to the ADPS, no problem. The problem is the current pricing structure of the ADPS doesn't fit their needs or budget. Please, Adobe, make some more pricing options that are realistic for smaller scale customers!

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            buglegirl101 Level 1

            I'm also a freelancer-- publishing my first app.


            I love working in InDesign -- and I love the potential of  DPS.

            I think we are ALL beta testing-- but I also believe Adobe will fix it.


            I've spent some time researching what to do -- just to publish ONE app.

            I've found Aquafadas.com -- which is very reasonable-- but I would have to recreate my articles in their format.


            I'm hoping, as they fix all the hiccups, Adobe will consider adding a smaller scale option.

            I'm a fairly optimistic soul;)


            nancy p

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              Irene Gough Level 1

              I'm going to set the cat amongst the pigeons with this one, but I don't agree with you at all.


              One of the most depressing aspects of working in the design industry over the last fifteen years has been witnessing the ever dwindling returns for our services. Our first client paid us €11,000 to design one 12 page brochure and we were also able to add 50% mark-up on to the printing and the client never batted an eyelid. That was simply what you paid for such a service in those times.


              These days we'd be lucky if we got a fifth of that and even if we were allowed to quote for printing, we'd probably only get away with about 10% markup which would barely cover the costs of proofing etc. Web design has plummeted at an even quicker rate with products such as Wordpress almost removing design costs entirely from a lot of web development projects. All you are now is a template pusher who might get a couple days pay for populating with some text and cheap stock images. The problem is the constant pursuit of the cheaper option is making it increasingly hard for those who enjoy the craft of  design to get paid sufficiently for it.


              When I learned about DPS and the €5000 subscription I thought "Great, a tool I'm able to use and a price point that means half-arsed cowboys will stay away. At least now I'll have a service that clients will pay a premium for because it's a process that requires a bit of knowledge and because not everyone can do it." But now it seems, no sooner is the service out but there's a cue of people lining up to demand a cheaper option.


              Let's talk about this ridiculous price. €5000 over 11 months (allowing one month for hollidays) is €455. That means you could spend a whole month creating an app and the only additional charge above your own expenses is €455. How on earth is that excessive? If you did four apps a month it would be only €114. Exactly how much are these clients expecting to pay?


              Here's a thought. Pay the €5000, and tell the client it's a premium service with a premium price tag. If they can't afford it, find clients who will. It's not Adobe's job to pander to clients who think design costs should be lower than the tea budget.



              I had a look at Aquafadas.com. Looks interesting alright, could be an option but if you add up the price for producing only 6 apps in one year, it comes to $2800, so not a huge saving. Plus you have to install Xcode and they keep mentioning templates so I'm not quite sure if there is any limitations there. There are anumber of options out there, we've spent a long time waying up DPS vs others, but they all seem to be similarly priced TBH.

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                buglegirl101 Level 1

                I should have paid more attention to the RE at the top-- since it  says "Pricing model for agencies".  Sorry about that!   I think the challenge for many of us is-- we are not agencies.  We are individuals -- and we are not all doing the same thing with DPS.

                After the initial sticker shock, I was hoping that the official "Adobe Partner List" would reveal a few publishers willing to publish apps one at a time-- for individuals.     So far, I don't see that choice anywhere--  and, so far, haven't found any partners willing to do that.  Please let me know if there are!!!  


                My  requests to companies listed as official Adobe partners who provide services for 'app creation' (which I don't need) have  been met with price tags anywhere from $150,000 (one of adobe's top ranked  partners) to  the do-it-yourself Adobe professional edition $6,000 option. The other choice from the Adobe website is official training partners. Don't need that.


                Aquafadas offers a  reasonable 1 app price -- but way more work and not as many choices.  And, as you so aptlly pointed out, who knows -- templates, xml--beware learning curves ahead.     I would very much prefer to keep my work  within the Digital Publishing set of tools -- and not have to recreate  each article thru a set of completely different InDesign plug ins.


                My folio  is almost finished and ready for apping.    I am still hoping for the perfect partner for what I'm trying to do.  However, that said, this would all be moot if I were not insisting on creating an app that  could be included in the apple store online.  Otherwise, I'd just give it away via the free content viewer.


                I have witnessed the changes in DPS -- I know there will be more.  I am ever hopeful there wil be partner/vendors--who will consider me a client, and, since the work is done, allow me to pay them for a percentage of their server space!  That should not cost anywhere near  $400 a month!


                Thanks for your thoughts-- and for listening to mine;)


                Ever hopeful--

                save the pigeons,


                nancy p

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                  ktukker1 Adobe Employee



                  The comments in the german article mentioned in the the first post are very outdated ; merely the post does not reflect a date.


                  To give an update:


                  A subscription to Digital Publishing Suite starts at 355 Euro per month (annual agreements) and include a starter-pack of 5.000 distributions. Also agencies (creative, print,service) can get a subscription for the same pricing and are allowed to create and publishing content on behalf of their customers.


                  Pricing reference: http://www.adobe.com/products/digitalpublishingsuite/pricing/


                  If you are looking to publish a publication every now and then you have two options:

                  • Find an agency (with a subscription to DPS) that can provide you quote to create your app ; In the Netherlands, CS Interactive is providing these services. Merely there is no list of similiar offerings available in other regions.
                  • Wait a little ; Adobe is working on a solution that might fit your needs. At the moment, no additional details can be provided.


                  With kind regards,


                  Klaasjan Tukker

                  Adobe Systems Benelux

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                    Chrizzlbla Level 1



                    thanks for the answer. I know, that not every comment of the article is up to date. It just reflects my way of looking at the pricing-model.

                    My main issue with this model is, that I have to get the Enterprise Edition to publish a single branded app/magazine in-house. And i hope you can imagine, that no customer will pay thousand of Euros a month to get a single app ;-)


                    Or is there a possibility to publish in-house with the Professional Edition, too?


                    I'm also very curious about the new solution of Adobe!

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                      Irene Gough Level 1

                      Ironically Nancy, that's part of what our agency is planning on offering once we get the DPS subscription across the line.


                      I do agree though, that for those looking at doing something "private" DPS isn't an ideal solution. I'm not even sure why that remains in the realm of the Enterprise Edition - seems counter-intuitive to me.

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                        buglegirl101 Level 1

                        Thanks for letting me know, David.


                        Please keep me posted!

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                          John Mitchinson Level 1

                          At the moment Adobe seems to be catering to agencies over the half-arsed cowboys.

                          For that reason I am working very hard to find an alternative to Adobe's current approach to app development.

                          I have just installed Quarkexpress 9.1, that was released today. It has a new approach for app development.

                          Having spent $10000 on Adobe software over the years I am quite happy to give my money to others who cater to half-arsed cowboys.

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                            David Ben Level 3

                            The quarkexpress "solution" is Aquafadas Digital Publishing Suite integrated into Quark.  You can get the Plugin for inDesign and the same App creation studio-- directly from Aquafadas.  The only additional advantage we have seen thus from from having the solution in Quark is the ability to purchase addition App Templates from the Quark store.


                            So i would argue that its more between Aquafadas (DPS as they have named it) and Adobes (DPS as they have also named it) rather than Adobe and Quark.


                            We have been testing both solutions while they were in pre-release-- and aquafadas has taken a leap to include both an SDK and a full app customization experience.  The pricing, unfortunately, gets beefy as it is on a per app + per issue + a yearly licence for each issue ($350 X the number of issues you have).


                            I have spent the last month speaking at a few different Digital Publishing Conferences and have enjoyed speaking about both solutions and i will say what Aquafadas is offering is catching peoples eyes-- esp developers that want to extend their publications into their own applications.