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    Unknown (to me) Error - Please help!


      So I keep getting this message lately. It's been happening for the past two weeks approximately. I have made no new major changes (not running Lion, etc.). I'm on OSX Snow Leopard, using 5.0. The ONLY thing I'm starting to wonder if there is a correlation between is when my Time Machine back up is running. Because I use a DroboS for my file storage, so I'm editing over firewire, and when the back-ups start they then have to go TO the DroboS (where the Time Machine saves to as well) and I'm wondering if there is just a problem of doing too much at once.

      However, before jumping to that conclusion, I was hoping someone could decipher what PPro is trying to tell me in the error message I've attached as an image! Thanks!

      Screen shot 2011-09-02 at 2.16.55 AM.png

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >using 5.0


          The Mac version is up to 5.0.4 which has several bug fixes... is there any reason why you have not updated CS5?


          >problem of doing too much at once


          I have 3 internal drives (Win7) so have not paid a lot of attention to Firewire editing conversations, but I **think** I have read that due to bandwidth you should have ONLY 1 Firewire device active while editing... the editing drive