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    Why problems outputing a PDF from Photoshop?

    HealthcareHelper Level 1

      I have Adobe Acrogat 9 Pro and Adobe Distiller 9 installed, so I've had great luck printing anything I wanted from its native format (like MS Word, Firefox, etc.) to PDF format. Recently I wanted to send someone a preview of a Photoshop document I've been working on really hard. When I chose the "Adobe PDF" option in the print dialog, things got real strange. Photoshop started telling me it could only do it if I ran the process in the "installer mode." Well, a box came on screeen saying that was going to take 45 minutes, so I cancelled it. Saved the PSD as a high-resolution JPEG instead and emailed it to the person I want to critique it. What's the reason for this? Is my PSD too complicated? Is it because I'm still on Photoshop 7?