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        Actxiom Community Member

        Just download Reader X from their website. They said it would work ok. I downloaded the Reader X but haven't given it a test drive yet. You should be OK.


        The forum discussion board registered people 247,000 people that viewed one person's complaint about this same issue starting in 2008. I have never had the problem until just recently. Somehow something triggered this glitch. I noticed that Google.docs was involved in the development of the pdf files. I don't understand this stuff but they did a good job screwing up a lot of people. And nobody, of course, will admit it. They probably already have been fired.

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          Forgo Adobe 9 guys, really, its now old.




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            This URL goes to the Adobe page with all the old versions.



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              pwillener ACP/MVPs

              That list of old versions is rather incomplete; also, it does not download from the Adobe Site.


              Navigate the Adobe FTP site ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/ to download any current or previous Reader version.

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                John Thebes

                My Reader 9 worked OK until 15 Sep 2011 when Reader X was installed auto.  Since then I cannot get to read any of the pdf on my house sale/purchase.  A similar "update" from MS in Jan 2010 made Word lock up the computer (50% CPU) unless I started it from the command line!  What is wrong with these big companies that they keep messing up our software?  Or is it Google messing everyone up?

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                  Greetings.  I right-clicked Reader 9 and went to Restore Previous Versions.  That worked for me.  At the same time, I can imagine there a many solutions that would work depending on your exact set-up. 

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                    Thanks for the tip,  I didn't have this issue ever then 2 days ago it just started to happen so not sure if some microsoft update or Adobe update cuased this?


                    It worked when I unchecked the "Display pdf in browser"  I was able to at least open the pdf in Adobe reader, it takes a few seconds to download and open but at least it opens.

                    However when I rechecked the box after closing and opening Reader v9 hitting OK  each time it stopped working again.


                    What I then tried is systematically unchecking both the "Allow fast web view" and "Allow for speculative downloading" and the issue seems to be linked with the "Allow fast web view".


                    What happens in the error I think is it really isn't downloading the file just showing page 1 as preview, then when it goes to download you get the reload / close error box.

                    It might think the file is already open...not sure but thank again for giving me a thread to pull.

                    If I leave this "Allow fast web view" unchecked and the other boxes checked it opens in the browser just fine..(have IE9).

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