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        Flagelpater Level 1

        Success!   All OKAY     Pete     Can't wait to get started.

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          Re: "The auto-analyzer’s consumption of memory is based on the number of  files it is analyzing. If you only have five files, you will find it  will not consume a Gig of memory. But if you have 9,000 images, which  take up a Gig and a half of hard drive space, don’t be surprised if  reading all of those files takes up that kind of space in memory. Also  remember, image files are generally compressed, so analyzing them will  require more space. The auto-analyzer was originally designed for use  with Premiere Elements, but was brought over to the Organizer with the  greater integration between the two applications. If you find  performance issues with it, turn it off. We are trying to talk our  engineers into leaving this option off by default. Let those who want to  use it use it, but also, they should have the patience to let it finish  the job."


          Thank for taking the time to offer your reply.  However I am curious to understand if this is documented anywhere within the product so as to inform the consumer beforehand?  The mere fact that the software grants the ability to select an unlimited number of photos to be analyzed without having received any sort of warning leads a reasonable and prudent person to believe the product is capable of handling this activity.  If not, the product should prevent or at least warn the user.


          If development hasn't considered this, please submit this as a feature enhancement.

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            Rudi Lig

            Welcome back Brett.

            I am on the road for the next two weeks so I am keeping it short.

            Fisrt of all thank you for spending your own time trying to resolve the issues,

            it is unfortunate that Adobe does not dedicate resources to these kind of


            I had sopken with an Adobe rep back in December, and he was able to provide some

            assistance, but was unable to resolve the issue of the Browser haning up (

            continuously working) in the Folder View mode. After communicating with this

            individual twice he no longer returned my calls or Emails.

            After trying for more than a month to make the Organizer of PSE9 work properly I

            finally returned the product in frustration. It is unfortunate, I have been

            using Adobe products for years, with great satisfaction, but PSE9 has problems

            and Adobe seems not to be interested in resolving them.



            Rudi Lingohr

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              zrock1971 Level 1

              Brent N

              this has been a issue since day one of the instalation. No files had been moved but i had simmilar issues like the original post along with a few xtras. the organizer would import some folders but not others or the folders under the main folder. Or if it did import the folder alot of the images would be missing. their was obviously a issue with the organizer creating the initial database. after reading this whole thred i figured i had nothing to loose by hitting the reconect. the next step was uninstall and toss it in the trash. I had originaly contacted support but were of no help

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                Brett N Adobe Employee

                Commodon: Technically, Photoshop Elements can handle any number of images you give to it. There is nothing in the program that will limit the amount of input you give it. Where problems arise is when your computer cannot keep up with the resource needs of Photoshop Elements. Every file you add to the Organizer increases the size of the catalog, which must be opened into the system memory when in use. So if you have thousands of images, with thousands of keyword tags, albums, comments, ratings, etc, all of that information must be stored in your RAM, which is finite and you start to run into slowdowns as you fill it and there is no longer room for information exchanges with the processor. This doesn't even take into consideration the separate thumbnails that are used to display your images at various sizes. Then, on top of all that, analysis of the images is being processed; your system will quickly run out of a means to process this information in a timely fashion.

                I think it goes without saying that running applications consumes resources and that you may run out of such resources at some point. I don’t think such things are documented for any application. If you had a car capable of driving at any speed, would you need the owner’s manual to explain that you may drive faster than your physical reflexes can handle? Once the auto-analysis has completed its task it will release the memory. But if you don’t want to wait for it complete, then turn it off. If you want to analyze some of your images, do it manually for just those files. Unfortunately, there is no way to increase the resource consumption at this time due to 32-bit programming limitations. One day we may have a 64-bit version of the Organizer and will thus have a more efficient means of doing auto-analysis, but until then you will get better performance from analyzing small batches.


                Rudi: For the issue with Folder View mode, are you saying the Organizer would operate correctly when in Thumbnail or Import Batch view? That would be strange that only that view would have performance issues. How longer were you waiting before closing the application? Was the program completely unresponsive (could you scroll)? I’m sorry that your technical support representative was unresponsive as well. Unfortunately, we can no longer learn about the cause of the problems, and thus find a solution, because you no longer have Photoshop Elements around for testing.


                Zrock: If the Organizer does not import a file, then there is no database reference to be reconnected. So you cannot have issues with importing files and have issues reconnecting those same files. I don’t think we have a clear picture of what’s going on yet.

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                  zrock1971 Level 1

                  We must be getting our wires crossed here or their is anoter issue within the organizer...

                  Like i stated right from the first install of the product i have had this issue. I set up all the watch folders and had the program do its initial import and setup. When it was done i would go to folders and see that it had not imported the sub folder or the folder had lots of images missing (example out of 200 images only 3 were showing up). I would try to reimport forlder it would rescan and tell me their was nothing to import. I tryed everythign except for Del and starting a new database i wanted to figure out what was wrong with this one. I had not moved any images or renamed any images since instalation of product. Once i had the program reconnect the data base all my images and subfolders started showing up Fully. No missing images. This is why i said their must have been something wrong when the program created the original database. It may not make sence but it worked for me. Im just trying to giv people something else to try as i know their frustration with the program.

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                    As much as I admire BrettN for coming on here, at some point it would be great if Adobe just fessed up that Organizer is broken and causes way more problems than it is worth


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                      rdnelson Level 2



                      Please be aware the analyzer memory issues is known by Adobe.  I can send you a PM containing the name of the Adobe engineer who I worked with to report this problem.  He stated the problem would be resolved in the 'next release' on January 10th of this year.  I don't know if this was inteded to be resolved in 10 or a subsequent 9 release.  I have not verified if 9.03 resolved this issue.


                      Also, I would encourage you to look at this post as it gives detailed instructions on how to reproduce some of the reported issues: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/769749?start=63&tstart=0.

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                        Brett N Adobe Employee

                        I'll admit, PSE has bug, just like any other software. For behaviors that we have not seen on our side, such as many which have been posted in this forum, we need presice details on how to recreate the problem, through which we can start to find a solution. These details, which include the steps taken to recreate the problem, should be reported on our new feedback site (feedback.photoshop.com). This is the only way we will be able to fix these issues.


                        RDNelson, I'm afraid that I haven't recieved your PM. I would really like to know which engineer you were speaking with so I can pick his brain on this matter.



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                          Shadrackcas Level 1

                          I know we have all tried to be helpful on this BrettN, but you really need our names for people there to identify this problem?

                          It is rather obvious that this wasn't beta tested to completion based on all the complaints.

                          I wish that you could install just the editor and save me space on my SSD drive.

                          Elements works fine from what I can see.

                          There must be smarter people at Adobe than us that know there is a problem and what it is.

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                            rdnelson Level 2

                            Brett...I just sent you a PM with a copy of the email transaction that occured between a Quality Engineer (and another Adobe employee) and myself to help confirm bug #2762712 as indicated Adobe's bug tracking system.  The dates of this conversation were January 7th, 2011 to January 10, 2011. Exact steps were provided with the bug report to reproduce the problem.

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                              Rudi Lig Level 1

                              Still on the road touring Florida.

                              Yes the non responsive situation only appeared in the View Folder mode. The

                              other modes wer fine, at least for me. In order to do anything in that mode I

                              had do click an picture or button, waith for 30secs to 2 minutes before anything

                              happened. Yes to bad I had to return PSE9 but my prime purpose for purchasing

                              that product was the Organizer.

                              I'll be following this thread and once I see that the issues have been solved

                              I'll buy an other copy of PSE9 or 10.



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                                This has been helpful and helps me understand some - until now unexplained - problems involving PSE9/PRE9 on windows 7 64 bit

                                I don't use the organiser part, and I had quickly upon installing the products made shortcuts to the editor itself via windows explorer "send to desktop" (C:/programfilesx86/adobe/photoshop elements, exe file). It just seemed the initial start up window took forever, not so with a direct shortcut to the editor.


                                Yet the few times I send slideshow from Photoshop elements 8 to Premiere elements 9, crash.

                                I uninstalled PSE 8, installed PSE 9, same problem. I uninstalled PSE 9, thinking there were some link between the two that didn't work and Premiere was the important one for me.Still, it crashed when I on occasion - I think when exporting to movies - used organiser. Thanks to this thread I checked off all the auto analysis stuff and it does seem more stable now. I am in no mood to re-install Photoshop Elements 9, potential new problems? and are happily moving on with premiere only.


                                To provide a front (organiser and the start window) that messes up and obscure 2 world class editors Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements seems like risky business. I don't know what the support person who wrote in this forum can do, if the support within that big organisation Adobe is not there for what must be a well documented problem by now, and what also seems the main thrust of this thread: Organiser don't work (and it obscures two first class products) There's no explaining that away at any level of support/management/middle management. I hope version 10 comes - besides as a 64 bit product - also without organiser, or organiser as optional, at least for now.


                                Interesting to see prices have been slashed 20-30% until may 19th (at least in europe) for the products. Must be another department that decides what to do to get sales up?




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                                  DickSj Level 1



                                  I have been a Photoshop user since version 2.0 in 1991 - and I run a large photography studio.


                                  As part of my studio, I have a well-equipped digital classroom.  I have taught Photoshop and Photoshop Elements classes for more than 10 years.


                                  The switch to Organizer - from Bridge - on the Mac version of Elements 9.0 has created the biggest set of headaches I've ever encountered in my digital classes.  My students are constantly running into problems - and I just plain do not like organizer on the Mac (or, for that matter, on the PCs either).


                                  I like to created folders of images - a Master Image folder on the hard drive with sub folders labeled with the event and the date of its creation.  The original images from cameras or scanners are put into labeled folders and stored under the Master Image folder.


                                  When the images are opened in PSE and edited- they go back into the same event folder with a new name and/or file type.  Downloading from the camera is independent from any program - images are just treated as data.  They can then be imported into any program the student wants to use - Organizer or whatever.


                                  I find it impossible to work with folders in the Mac version of PSE 9.  It bothers me that I have to struggle just to show the image names - and that I can't get rid of the date as part of the image name.  I want to see the Master images Folder – with all of the event folders – and then be able to drill down and display the images in that folder (and ideally – sort them there by name or last date of modification).


                                  What I really want from Adobe is very simple – and you already have it in hand:


                                  I want a version of updated Bridge that will work with PSE 9 on my Macs.  Period.  That’s all I want.  Give me the Bridge from my PS CS5 – and make it available to all Mac PSE 9 users. Sell it to me – and to them……


                                  Please, please, please. I'm begging here .... help us.

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                                    Brett N Adobe Employee

                                    Hello Dick,


                                      If you want to view your images based on what folder they are stored in, make sure you are using the Folder Location View, which can be accessed by clicking the Display button in the upper right. This will show a folder hierarchy on the left, in which you can navigate to your Master folder and then drill down through the subfolders to find exactly what you are looking for.


                                      Bridge and Organizer are two very different applications. Bridge is a file navigator, little different than the Mac OS Finder. The Organizer is a database driven Digital Asset Manager. Because the Elements Organizer was so dependent on Windows technologies it could not be released with the Mac version for a number of years. As a substitution, until the Organizer could be recoded for a different OS, the Bridge was subbed in. This version of Bridge had a number of limitations when compared the full release that you would get with Creative Suite applications. But it was never intended to be a permanent solution. We currently have no plans to release Bridge for Photoshop Elements in the future.


                                      If you still have Photoshop Elements 8 installed on these computers, the copy of Bridge that came with it will continue to work with Photoshop Elements 9.



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                                      greg14 Level 1

                                      I do not think that bridge will work with PSE 9.


                                      The reason I sold 9 is because of organizer and I could not bypass it and use bridge.


                                      Bridge would not show the thumbnails.


                                      If you have a way that was not available or known back in November then great otherwise it may be even more frustrating.


                                      Using PSE 8 and waiting for MAC PSE 10.




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                                        Brett N Adobe Employee

                                        Hello Greg,


                                          Bridge is a completely independent application. It will work with any Adobe application. This is largely because it is simply a file navigator. It is probably the simplest application we make. Just like Mac Finder or Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer), it is used for navigating your file system. What makes it different is that it generates thumbnails for all files that are supported by any Adobe application. Organizer is identical in this respect (although it limits it's file support to those files that work with Photoshop and Premiere Elements). You may have to change the File Associations (under the Preferences) so that the files will open in Photoshop Elements 9 instead of 8.


                                        As far as Bridge not providing any thumbnails, could you be more specific? Do you mean there are no thumbnails for any files? Just files of certain types? My guess is that it is not generating thumbnails for Raw files from cameras that were not supported on the versions of our camera raw plug-in that is compatible with this version of Bridge. You can always get around this issue by converting your Raw files to DNG. Check out this link for more information: https://blogs.adobe.com/crawlspace/2011/03/why-doesnt-my-version-of-photoshop-or-lightroom -support-my-camera.html.



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                                          greg14 Level 1

                                          It was just the thumbnails for the new pictures posted after I installed PSE 9.


                                          All the other thumbnails for PSE 8 and back were still available.


                                          I am trying to remember if it were only the RAW thumbnails.

                                          I only shoot in RAW and I seem to remember a post asking me to try a Jpeg and I am not sure of the results anymore.



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                                            I also shoot raw. There is another gem of an organizer problem waiting for the unwary http://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/date_time_corruption.


                                            I've been cruising the forums to see if Elements is getting better or worse. I really like the pse9 editor and the new features are great. IMHO - The organizer, however, appears to be improving in the right direction for Adobe, but in the wrong direction for users.

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                                              I am not a fan of Elements 9 Organiser.  I have used all the Organisers

                                              through to Elements 5, and this is the first version that I have issues with.

                                              I use Windows XP on my Desktop and Vista on my laptop, and I have 106,756 items in my Catalog.


                                              When there is an unlinked item and the Organiser has to find the image, it freezes.


                                              The Organiser does not always import all of the photos from folders and their subfolders, and as others have said, getting it to import the ones missing seems impossible as it thinks that they  are already imported.  I now have gone back to Elements 5 and will wait for the development to a new version.


                                              I do use Bridge on occasion, but since I have so many images already catalogued, have been keeping on with Elements Organiser.


                                              The other thing that I have, and I don't see it mentioned elsewhere, is the colour and contrast of the thumbnails in Organiser.  They appear in the import preview OK, but in the Catalog thumbnails they look washed out.  The files open up with the correct colour and contrast, and they appear normally in both Elements 5 Organiser and in other preview programmes, but rather underwhelming in Elements 9 Organiser.  This happens whatever monitor I am using.

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                                                Amen!  I agree with you.  I completely avoid using PSE9 Organizer now, and use PSE6's Bridge product.  I am not impressed with PSE9 Organizer, nor the skills of those who designed and implemented it.  In my opinion, Organizer is just garbage, and it reflects very poorly on Adobe Corporation's professional image.  I have used Adobe products for years, and have always been pleased with their performance, stability, functionality, human interface, ease of use, etc.  PSE9 Organizer misses the mark in all those categories.  I use an iMac, Mac OS X 10.5.8, 4 GB memory, 1 TB internal hard drive.


                                                Adobe, you would do well to listen to the complaints of your customers regarding this product.




                                                Richard Adams

                                                Email: radams@iglide.net

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                                                  DickSj Level 1

                                                  Oh how I agree!


                                                  I bypass Organizer and just open files directly from PSE 9 with "open." 


                                                  I desperately want Adobe to bring back Bridge for Macs for PSE9 -- which they seem to be unwilling to do. 


                                                  Shame on Adobe.  it could be done for $1.99 in programing cost -- just port over Bridge from CS4 and update the Adobe Camera Raw files ...  what a shame.



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                                                    I have been reading the replies, as I have a similar experience.  I got elements 9 so I

                                                    could have the 'layers' facility.  The editor seems ok, but the organizer has me tearing my hair out!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    Will not be opening it again, I have learnt my lesson big time. Hours of frustration, I get really really strange results - just a junk program.

                                                    Why do some of you say you will purchase elements 10 when it comes out? Why please tell!!

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                                                      novaboy5 Level 1

                                                      I was at a digital Camera show in Toronto and 3 separate at people at various booths told me that the adobe was great for image editing but that the organizer was useless and not to use it.





                                                      Date: Sun, 11 Sep 2011 16:57:51 -0600

                                                      From: forums@adobe.com

                                                      To: mgbennett44@hotmail.com

                                                      Subject: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.


                                                      I have been reading the replies, as I have a similar experience.  I got elements 9 so I

                                                      could have the 'layers' facility.  The editor seems ok, but the organizer has me tearing my hair out!!!!!!!!!!

                                                      Will not be opening it again, I have learnt my lesson big time. Hours of frustration, I get really really strange results - just a junk program.

                                                      Why do some of you say you will purchase elements 10 when it comes out? Why please tell!!


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                                                        DickSj Level 1

                                                        Maybe if we all write to Adobe and beg for a version of Bridge that can work with PSE 9.0 - and have an update Camera Raw with it --- just maybe someone will listen.


                                                        They have not responded to my many requests.



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                                                          falldays Level 1

                                                          Hi novaboy5


                                                          I am pleased to hear about the advice you received at the Camera show in Toronto; I live north of Toronto near Barrie.


                                                          I have been referring people I come into contact with to this thread plus the other two talking about the exasperating date/time corruption. I have also Googled for clubs in the area and if there was a contact address, then off went an e-mail suggesting folks check out the three forums before purchasing PSE9. Adobe really upset me with their attitude; I don't say anything negative about Adobe, just point folks to the applicable forums. My ISP is interprovincial and has some tech people who test stuff, I've been playing with the notion to see if any of them use PSE9. In the grand scheme of things my actions may be insignificant to their sales, but now I am pleased that word is spreading in a major metropolitan area through major venues. Perhaps folks reading this post will decide to vent their displeasure in the same way I am.


                                                          As for PSE10 I'll let others beta test it. If after months and months of monitoring the forums the Organizer is no longer crapware, then I'll feel more confident about purchasing PSE11. (I use DNG right from my camera as my RAW format so ACR updates newer than 6.3 are not required.)

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                                                            rdnelson Level 2

                                                            Sorry... didn't mean to reply.


                                                            Message was edited by: rdnelson

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                                                              These posts indicate the problem with orginizer goesw back to when pse9 was first released,  I have spent so much time trying to get pse9 to connect to lost photos that I guess the only solution is to dump it and go back to one of the simpler programs that will search your computer and find ALL .jpeg images in seconds,  why does adobe need to be so complicated in this regard,  it should be simple to bring every image on your computer into pse with a few clicks.  I am seriously becoming unbearable to live with because this thing just will not let me use  it.  Where is an adobe tech guy or girl on this forum. 

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                                                                1hidefguy Level 1

                                                                Let me ask a simple question and hope for a simple answer.  How can I get pse to find all my jpeg images when it brings up a thumbnail of all of them but cannot find them when I try to edit them.  I have posted on several forums and recieve answers to do things that simply are not available in windows 7.  one post said click file, reconnect etc.  I cannot even find "file" anywhere in orginizer to click.  Is there a simple step by step answer for an adobe novice?

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                                                                  MichelBParis Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                  1hidefguy wrote:


                                                                  Let me ask a simple question and hope for a simple answer.  How can I get pse to find all my jpeg images when it brings up a thumbnail of all of them but cannot find them when I try to edit them.  I have posted on several forums and recieve answers to do things that simply are not available in windows 7.  one post said click file, reconnect etc.  I cannot even find "file" anywhere in orginizer to click.  Is there a simple step by step answer for an adobe novice?

                                                                  I don't think your problem has anything to do with the original post.

                                                                  What puzzles me is that you don't see the main menu with 'file' as the first tab. What is the resolution of your screen ?

                                                                  • 150. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                                    Brett N Adobe Employee

                                                                    I agree with Michel above, it doesn't sound like you are dealing with the issue originally posted. If you would like the Elements Organizer to import every image from you system in one fell swoop, the easiest way to do that is to create a new catalog (File > Catalog > New). The first thing that happens when opening a new catalog is it asks if you would like it to search your entire computer and import all of your image files. I wouldn't recommend this though, as it will import EVERY image. This includes your temporary internet cache and images used by applications (for load screens, icons, sample files, etc). There will be a lot that you really aren't expecting. It is much better to simply import you Pictures folder (assuming you use the default OS behavior of storing your images there).


                                                                    However, it sounds like you are having issues with moving your files AFTER importing them into the Organizer. When you import a file, you are not taking the file and storing it inside the application. The import process grabs information ABOUT your file, such as it's name and location. If the file name or location changes, or the file is deleted, outside of the Organizer, the file in Organizer goes into a sort of limbo, it is missing because it is no longer where you originally told the Organizer it was. The reconnect process lets you update Organizer's information about the file by pointing out it's new name or location, or admit that the file was deleted.


                                                                    If you can't find the File menu, or any of the others, read this:

                                                                    Menus missing | Elements 8, 9 Organizer | Windows

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