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    Error Compiling Movie - Unknown Error

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      I keep getting this trying to render out a movie that's only stills (PNG) and music (48KHz AIF).  This should be simple, right?  I've tried a variety of output settings, but keep getting this error.  I've tried rebooting, trashing prefs, different codecs, interlace and progressive.   My Sequence is 720x480 standard.  Pr has been working great on other projects, but I'm having a hard time with this simple slide show DVD.


      Any ideas?

      Jim Curtis

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          Jeff Bellune Level 6

          Make sure there aren't any gaps between any of your still images.  Check for stray track items at the extreme ends of your sequence (Tip: use the backslash key to zoom the display out far enough to encompass all track items).



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            There are some suggestions toward the bottom of this page for troubleshooting causes of this somewhat general error.

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              Jim Curtis Level 3

              Yikes! This page lists quite a few possible reasons for this error:




              I did have one gap, which I filled with black.  I found three corrupt files, using Corrupt Clip Finder, by Digital Rebellion.  I've got plenty of drive space (2.5TB).  I flushed all my caches and deleted all my previous renders.


              I get the error with Pr.  When I send it to AME, the encoding just stops at the same place each time.  The Elapsed Time timer continues incrementing, but the Estimated Remaining stays at the same number.  AME is not hung, according to Activity Monitor, but the CPU usage drops from 100% to about 4%.  When I pause the render, and quit AME, it crashes or hangs (Not Responding).


              I've replaced the file that AME stops on - even though it's not implicated as corrupt by CCF. 


              I was able to export the first version of this project - after getting several errors.  Not sure what I did to change the project - although I do recognize that corruption can occur at just about any time.


              Since my destination is a DVD, I Sent to Encore.  It just stops during Transcode, while not giving me the Not Responding until I try to quit Encore.


              When I Dynamic Link the Pr sequence to AE, and try to render there, it hangs AE.  When I use Import Pr Sequence into AE, my fades are missing on every incoming clip (All clips dissolve from one to the next in Pr.). 


              So, I manually added fade-ins to over 200 layers.  I got it rendered in AE, so that's good.  But, I've yet to figure out what the dilio is with Pr, Encore and AME.