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    Counterfeit software

    Paulgul Level 1

      Just thought I'd write this as a warning to others, I've just bought LightroomV3 on DVD from Amazon UK marketplace, it was offered at about 20% less than list price. Received the package OK, rather than used an older version on the dvd I downloaded the latest and just type in the serial number. Everything seemed ok and I registered it ok. The problem came when I tried to install a 3rd party plug in to enable me to upload photos to Zenfolio. The plug in failed because I had an illegal serial number. I contacted Adobe and they confirmed it was counterfeit.

      I have now sent the DVD to Adobe - at their request- and am now waiting for a refund from Amazon.

      One thing that supprises me is that Adobe appear to have made it easy for criminals, there seems to be no check whether the serial number is valid, even the registration was ok. I wonder how many other users are using counterfeit software without realizing it, if it hadn't been for the plug-in I would have been none the wiser.