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    Calling DirectoryManager.findPrincipals() returns max of 10 results

    Tim Mead Level 1

      I've got a basic service written in Java that leverages the LiveCycle API, and I'm calling com.adobe.idp.um.api.DirectoryManager.findPrincipals() to load a set of users from the system. However, this always seems to return a maximum of 10 results. Is there an optional parameter to override the maximum?


      An excerpt of the implementation is below:



      public class MyServiceImpl implements MyService


         @Resource( name="applicationDomain" )

         private String applicationDomain;


         private DirectoryManager directoryManager;


         pubilc List<User> getUsers(  )


            PrincipalSearchFilter psf = new PrincipalSearchFilter(  );

            psf.setPrincipalType( Principal.PRINCIPALTYPE_USER );

            psf.setRetrieveOnlyActive(  );

            psf.setSpecificDomainName( applicationDomain );


            List<User> results;

            results = directoryManager.findPrincipals( psf );

            return results;