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    Android: please check if there is enough space on the device


      I have successfully deployed a game to the iOS App Store using Flash CS5.5


      When I try to  publish the same game on my 2 Androids (or when I start an Air for Android file from scratch), I get this error message: "Device Error: please check if there is enough space on the device" on both of them.


      First I was trying to install it on a Optimus One, which later I figured out would not run AIR/Flash applications because of the uncompatible ARMv6 processor.


      I exchanged my phone to a Galaxy S, which shows on adobe's site as a certified device to run AIR applications.


      Since the second phone is definitely not a problem, I must be doing something wrong.


      I have followed video tutorials step by step and I still get this error.


      I have installed the drivers through Samsung Kies.

      I have air installed on my android.

      I have developer debug set to on (I noticed that when I do that, I can no longer copy files to my android through the USB. The device loses its access on windows file manager, could this be the problem?)


      Hope someone can help.