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    Mac OS 10.6.8 and Cuda 4.0.21




      i got a wired problem:


      I am running PP 5.5 on a macpro with nvidia quadro 4000 with the latest nvidea driver for the quatro and the latest Cuda for Mac driver 4.0

      But this didn`t get Cuda working in Premiere. I checked the forum and found an answer to this problem - i needed to instal Cuda driver 4.0.21, which seems to be a beta-version.

      Nevertheless i now can choose Cuda to use as GPU accelerating and everything should be fine.


      But after restarting the MacPro premiere says no Cuda-Board installed and checking the driver version: it`s 4.0 again.


      After reinstalling the driver 4.0.21 Cuda works again.


      Does anyone have a clou or the same problem?