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    Running FlexUnit in Security Application Server environments

    ArgV04 Level 1

      Hi all,


      our flex client is running/provided in a application server context with basic authentification. that mean when the user request our flex client he is running into a authentification dialog box inputs username and password and then after validation our flex clients website would be loaded.


      for complex end2end tests we are using flexunit and integrate doing such tests via continous integration with ant. so we have a scenario that we start would start our application server, after start complete we call ant-flexunit with the flex client given url to run our tests after that we shutdown the hole orchestra.


      the problem we are currently facing is the security authentification flow which we are not simply abe to disable this only for testing.


      so the hole automatically testflow is hanging on this authentification dialog popup where we first have to enter our username/pwd. so is there a way from flexunit to trigger the url request with username/pwd as a kind of params automaticly to the server or something else? or whats best practice testing flex apps using flexunit which are hosted under security restrictions? with JUnit i read its possible the manipulate the http request header injecting username/password into the request...