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    Lock image pixels, how to unlock ?

    Seven ltd

      It open a JPEG in Camera Raw from Bridge, make some adjustments and then I open the photo as a Smart Object in Photoshop. Then I create an adjustment layer and also change the layer style on the smart object ( Inner glow and a Stroke). I save the layer style as default because I have many photos that I want to have the same "border".

      I save my Smart Object and start with the next photo from Bridge, into Camera Raw and then into Photoshop as a Smart Object. I add a layer and then I change the layer style for the Smart Object and now my adjustments are default so very easy.


      BUT, I cannot see my new border on the second Smart Object! After long time I find out that the first two icons beside Lock in the Layers panel are "locked", I can not change them. The other two are open for change.


      So my question is 1) what happened, what is the difference, why are my pixels locked in the second photo? and 2) How can I unlock the pixels?


      Yes, I have tried 10-15 times with other photos and I get the same result, my way to get a soft border around my photos are not working.


      I have never been an expert in Photoshop and now I am very rusty, I have not touch the program for 8 months.


      I have Photoshop CS5 Extended Ver 12.0.64 (updated the software today).


      So if someone can tell me what is wrong I will be very happy !