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    Unable to Install Latest Flash Player - Failed to Initialize


      From what I have seen here and on Google there are serious issues with your latest version.


      Most of them prior to 10,3.xxxxxxxxxx (the latest) installed flawlessly, but the latest one will not.


      I am running Win XP Pro and have tried everything including uninstalling the earlier working version.  This failed and I had to do a short term system restore to regain at least a version which will show You Tube videos.


      I am however getting tired of all these notices about my Flash Player being out of date.


      Adobe should not launch a product out which will not even install.


      Hundreds yea Thousands of us are having the same issue.


      Just Google "failed to initialize" and see the hits.


      Well outside this forum.


      PLEASE give us step by step marching orders to fix this.


      Or upgrade the version.  I can't even quote the version number becasue it disappeared from my Download folder after the last failed attempt.