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    SMS Event Gateway problem




      I am having a strange problem with my SMS Gateway. The SMPP connection to the external gateway is fine, and outgoing messages are never a problem.


      The problem is to do with my incoming.cfc - the gateway instance points to "incoming.cfc" and that file is set up to send an auto reply to the incoming message and add some details to a database. Simple and it works as tested.


      Every couple of days though the incoming messages stop getting added to the database, and the auto reply messages don't get generated. The log files indicate that (allthough no changes have been made to either the incoming.cfc file or any other files or configuration settings) we have somehow "switched back" to an earlier version of the incoming.cfc file - I can tell this because the wording of the return message in the logs matches this earlier version.


      I have read Adobe documentation that says the gateway will use whatever incoming.cfc it is pointed to and you don't need to refresh the event gateway instance if you change the cfc - even though the old cfc has been deleted off the server entirely and the new one not changed - when the problem occurs (every other day) an instance refresh appears to fix it.


      Has anyone seen anything like this?


      Thanks for listening! 



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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your application might be reverting to an older, cached version of the CFC or class file. If so, then the following procedure could help.


          Go to the Caching page of ColdFusion Administrator. Press the button to clear the component cache (I am on CF9). Uncheck the checkbox "Save Class files". Press the button to Submit the Changes