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    E-Learning, Flash, and the iPad


      Hello! I'm hoping that someone might be able to point me in the right direction with my questions. I've poked around the web quite a bit and still find myself a bit confused, so please bear with me. I used to work for a company where we created interactive e-learning courses to load to our LMS (learning management system) using Flash. I would create the courses, publish, and upload the .swf, .html, and .js files to the LMS. We'd then be able to have our employees take the courses on their PCs.  However, I now work for a new company and there is talk of brining in an LMS and using iPad2s to take the courses. This is where I get stuck from a developer of e-learning standpoint. I've read online that Adobe Flash 5.5 is able to publish for iPads, but then I see something about needing a developer's license through Apple. Does that sound correct? Right now I have Flash 5.


      If I want to create interactive Flash courses and publish them for viewing on an iPad2. What would be my best approach? Do I need Flash 5.5? Do I need an Apple developer's license? Any thoughts that anyone might have would be much appreciated! Thank you!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have no experience in the matter, but iPad and iPhone do not support presentation of Flash (swf) content... a decision by Apple to not allow the Flash Player to have a home on these machines.  So if your intention is to create content for these interfaces using Flash you will need to create them as 'apps' using Flash CS5 or 5.5 or some other software that Apple allows for the creation of apps.  So all that stuff about needing a developer's license and whatever other loopholes that Apple has waiting for you to jump thru await you if your company is intent on going the route of using iStuff.

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            ChristinL Level 1

            Appreciate your comments, Ned.


            Does anyone out there have any experience publishing apps using Flash 5.5 for the iPad2? Looks like I might just have to invest the $99 for the deveoper's license and upgrade to CS5.5 to see what all this would look like and what the possibilities might be. Thanks!

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              little*big*man Level 2

              I'm afraid I can't add any info about the process of developing for the iPad, but I'm in the same boat.  Our organization decided to use Android tablets specifically because we couldn't spend time converting Flash/Captivate e-learning content for Apple's ecosystem.  I'm a software engineer by trade but the process looked like a big headache.  If you have any freedom to change tablets, I would recommend it - we did.



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                ChristinL Level 1

                Thanks for the info, Sean! I'll bring that up with the appropriate people. Right now we are in the very early stages of figuring this whole thing out, so if anyone else has any experience to share, that would be very helpful. Thanks!