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    tagging words through a .txt file

    thedesmodus Level 1

      Hi all,


      We have been looking all over the internet for a script that we can use/buy. But cannot find it anywhere.


      We have a rather large document and an external word list in a .txt file. This list contains words that need to be in the index at the end of the document.


      Instead of filling in a couple of hundred words and linking them by hand, it would be great if there is a script that can handle this.

      We have looked in to Indexmatic2 (http://www.indiscripts.com/post/2011/07/indexmatic-2-public-release-and-user-s-guide ), but this script generates its own index list and does not create links to the original words in the document.


      We have found a script that can create index links from colored words in the document.


      So does anyone know if there is a script floating around that can load an external .txt wordlist and either color or add a character style to words in a document?

      Or even a script that does what we need in 1 go?