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    Spec for Adobe Premiere C5.5

    wayne greensill Level 1

      Hi There,

      I am trying to put a PC together to run with Windows 7 and with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5.

      Would the following spec be suitable to run with Adobe and the Matrox MX02?

      I would appreciate your feedback.





      Pc Spec ARBICO.jpg

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          JEShort01 Level 4



          Your previous system spec. that you requested feedback on was quite good:


          Pc spec for video editing


          Now you are talking about a slow clock speed dual Xeon, with only 12GB of RAM, Xonar sound and a Matrox MX02 - a system that has a lot of issues:


          - Dual Xeon's, unless you want to buck up to the $1700/each level of processors, cost lots and are not as good for CS5.5 as either a X58 6-core (i7-970, i7-980, i7-980x, i7-990x) or i7-2600k Sandy bridge CPU.


          - Matrox MX02 - I don't have any personal experience, but loads of users are complaining on this forum regarding issues with this card and CS5/CS5.5


          - Quadro 4000 - another expensive card that costs more and does not perform as well as GTX 500 series cards (i.e. GTX 560).


          - WD 1TB Enterprise drives in RAID 1 - again more $$$, and the wrong choice for RAID 1


          Bottom line, if your are building this yourself, go back to your last system design and more it forwards. Or, if you are hooking up with a local integrator and this is what they are telling you, call up ADK on Monday and get their thoughts of how to configure a system that best meets your needs; they may be mail order from where you live, but your life will be much better with their "remote" support!





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            Zoop studio Level 1

            Hi, i'm only summing up the common knowledge, espcialy the 'smart' men here.

            For the price of the E 5520 you can have $100,- in your wallet and a Intel I7 2600K with much higher performence:


            Because A I7 2600K is very good and easy to overclock it performs like a $1000,- Xeon (only double xeon cpu workstations or a 990 beats it)


            You would like more RAM memory: 16 Gb on thr I7 2600k route or more if you stay the Xeon route.

            Any NVidia card with more then 800 Mb gddr 5 memory and more then 96 cudacores (aka shaders) will perform almost as good as a expensive card.

            You can read an excelent piece on the link below:


            So  a $ 140,- GTX 550 is a few % less to a $350,- GTX580, a Quadro 4000 is not much better (I think the same)


            You need more harddrives:



            If you take time to read all the knowledge on here, you will save and win a lot.


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              wayne greensill Level 1

              Hi Jim,

              Thank you for your input there. Could you tell me what kind of system you would go for and what do you recommend other than the Matrox?

              I would be having the pc built for me by a company I know but I just want other peoples opinion other than this particular company.

              Just to add as well I am based in England so would be using PAL format.


              Thanks again


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                wayne greensill Level 1

                Hi Luc,


                Thank you for your input there, I will take a look at the links you gave me.




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                  wayne greensill Level 1


                  Here is a revised spec from the earlier one. I would like some advice on the capture cards, get mixed reports on the Matrox MX02.

                  All feedback would be much appreciated.



                  WaynePC SPECIALIST SPEC.jpg

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                    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant



                    Take a look at our Premiere Pro Benchmark PPBM5 to see what various systems/configurations can do.  You can sort on a lot of individual characteristics.  One thing to be aware of is the difference in scores on the MPEG2-DVD tests.  Do not compare CS5 scores to CS5.5 scores for that test because Adobe changed the memory caching algorithm and CS5.5 scores for that test are much higher, but for general purpose MPEG2-DVD encoding outside of our benchmark CS5.5 is really faster.


                    What do you want to capture?

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                      wayne greensill Level 1

                      Thanks Bill for that, I will take a look.