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    Installing AIR3 SDK in Flash Builder 4.5.1 ?????

    Ravi Sharma

      Hi All,


      Can anyone help me, with installing AIR3 SDK - Flash Builder 4.5.1, logically, I need to overally the sdk, the way, we use to do with previous version of AIR SDK.


      But no luck





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          Hi Ravi,


          just installed AIR3 SDK at work. I try to recap the steps I did:


          1. Locate the "old" SDKs

          They are located in the Flash Builder directory, in my case this was c:\program files(x86)\adobe\flash builder 4.5\sdks


          2. Make a copy of the previous SDK

          Copy a previous SDK (I used SDK 4.5.1 for that) and rename the copied folder to AIR3SDK (or a different name if you like)


          3. Overwrite the copied (!) SDK with the AIR3 SDK

          Copy  all files from the AIR3 SDK into the copied folder. It should ask you  to overwrite files quite a couple of times. After this, you should have a  working AIR3 SDK installed.


          4. Set a name for the new SDK

          I had to to this with the Beta2 - go to the new SDK directory and edit flex-sdk-description.xml - change the <name> content from Flex 4.5.1 to AIR3 SDK.


          6. Add the new playerglobal.swc from Flash Player 11

          Download the current Flash Player 11 "playerglobal.swc" from http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer11.html and put it into the correct folder. From the SDKs root folder this was: <sdkroot>/frameworks/libs/player/11.0/ (I had to create the 11.0 folder myself and then just put the file in there and rename it to plain "playerglobal.swc")


          7. Add the AIR3 SDK to Flash Builder

          Under "Project Settings - Flex Compiler" for a project, choose the new SDK as SDK to use for the project. If the SDK does not show up, go to "configure Flex SDKs", then "Add" and select the newly created folder. The new AIR3 SDK should now be included in the dropdown list as a compiler for that project.

          Don't forget to add -swf-version=13 as a compiler flag on the same screen.


          After doing all this, I was able to use the new features, compile my projects and well, work with it


          Edit: I almost forgot - you also have to set the namespace in your -app.xml to 3.0 like this:

          <application xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/air/application/3.0">


          Best regards,




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            Hi Martin,

               Your post is probably the best help online in installing AIR3 SDK.

               Can you provide the answer for this one: Can you see the new feature  SoundMixer.useSpeakerphoneForVoice?

               This one can't pass compiling for me. Thanks.

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              mrzottel Community Member

              Hi Ekavenel,


              thanks a lot


              I just did a short test with a newly created android project.
              On my first try - by just using the auto completion it resulted in:




              This did not compile, but after changing it to:


              SoundMixer.useSpeakerphoneForVoice = true;


              it worked.


              Im not sure why, but intuitively I used this property like a method first, which did not pass compiling.


              Does Flash Builder give you autocompletion hints for this property? If not, maybe you are missing the playerglobal.swc...


              best regards,


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                Wow thats probably the best answer for installing Air 3 rc sdk. Totally worked for me


                But what exactly is the  -swf-version=13 compiler flag for?




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                  mrzottel Community Member



                  I think it tells the compiler for which target platform it has to compile the source. My best guess is, that you can leave out this parameter once

                  the SDK is final, as I have found this parameter in <sdk>/frameworks/flex-config.xml. So maybe editing this file could make this parameter obsolete.


                  If you don't give this compiler flag, compilation will fail because the compiler will try to compile against the old AIR 2.7 version, which of course

                  does not include the new features.


                  best regards,


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                    Ravi Sharma Community Member

                    Thanks a ton Martin,


                    Its really very helpful explaination

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                      A. Brooks Hollar

                      FYI, if you're doing this on a Mac, you need to use the command line recursive copy for Step 3.  Dragging the folders in finder will replace the entire target folder, not just the files inside.


                      If this saves anyone else some time, it will have been worth my while!