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    Audio problem


      Can anyone help please linking our computer microphone to adobe premiere elements 9.  We have an HP computer with Windows 7 OS and Realtek in sound devices.  We have managed to get the microphone working with the computer but it is not recognised in Adobe.  It is plugged in via the jack points on the back of the computer. 

      We looked at the Edit menu - properties - audio hardware but there is no option to select the microphone so we are unable to add narration to our movie.


      Someone has suggested buying a microphone with a USB attachment but would this actually make any difference.


      All help appreciated



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          USB microphones often cause Premiere Elements problems, so you're better with the mike you've got.


          Assuming you've got your microphone properly configured in Windows and that your other programs (like Windows Sound Recorder) are able to use it, open the Narration panel and click on the microphone icon in the upper right of the panel. Ensure that it's properly configured.


          Also go to Edit/Preferences/Audio Hardware, click ASIO settings and, under the Input tab, ensure that your sound card is selected.


          If these settings don't work, it could be because  you're using the 64-bit version of Windows 7. Many of its drivers don't interface well with 32-bit programs like Premiere Elements, unfortunately.

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            chairboys Level 1

            Thank you we have now been able to link up the microphone.


            We now have another query. On narrating a clip with no previous narration it has

            recorded well but where there is previous narration we still have the original speach in the background and wonder how to get rid of this as we have two commentaries on the clip.


            We are complete beginners and struggling with this software all help much apreciated.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              By moving to a Narration clip and clicking on the trashcan icon on the Narration panel, you can delete that clip from the timeline.


              However, if you use the Jump Back or Jump Forward buttons on the Narration panel to move to the beginning of a narration clip, your new narration should automatically overwrite the old.


              There's much more information like this in my books, if you're looking for a step by step guide, by the way.


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                chairboys Level 1



                Thank you for your help - I am afraid to say we are still having problems with our new narration not overriding the original.  Is there any way to delete our original narration from any one clip and then surely we will be able to record the new one.


                We have a Classroom book which tells us the mechanics of recording but no what to do when things go wrong so your help is much appraciated.


                Thank you


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                  Aniks Level 2



                  If you mean that the original video has narration in it, then you can right click on the video, choose unlink audio and video and then you can delete that audio from the video clip. Add narration accordingly and from what I understand, I think, it will solve your problem.