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    BrowserLab / firebug not loading CSS??



      I am testing a site from localhost using firebug.  The pages load, but none of the css loads - even when testing in FF5...  Yet, in another window I have the site rendering perfectly....  and permissions are set correctly to the best of my knowledge.   Any thoughts as to why this would happen?

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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          You can try bumping up the Delay setting in the BrowserLab UI (the numeric spinner next to the URL field) and see if that helps. Also, from within your browser, click on the BrowserLab icon and turn off Freeze Javascript and make sure that Preserve CSS Hacks is turned on.


          Hope this helps,


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            dark_garuda Level 1

            Hi Mark, thanks for your response.


            I had the delay as high up as 20 with no difference, and Freeze Javascript was turned off.  Rather than using hacks, I use modernizr and it adds classes for the browser to the body tag so I can target IE version by version.


            respond.js adds polyfills for media queries, but my IE6,7&8 were behaving as though the page was at default (320px) width.  Since my bosses look at pages in BrowserLabs, I opted to add IE specific css and default them to a 960px main layout.  Through that I was able to solve all my layout issues, with only the missing background in IE6 still remaining as a problem - but as I said in my original letter, in my trial session at crossbrowsertesting.com, the background DOES appear in IE6 in their VM.  





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              I have this same problem, except I am using BrowserLab through the Dreamweaver CS5 extension.


              It connects fine and loads in the browser, but for all previews it displays with no CSS.


              This is a real problem as since I work for the NHS, which is strict on IT and backwards in some implementations, I am stuck on IE7 for development.  I was counting on BrowserLab to help my development to see if it works on other platforms and if I can put some selective IE tweaks in for the bits that aren't working (but which should, according to everything I'm reading!).


              Any help you can offer would be gratefully recieved.


              Many thanks


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                Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

                Hi Nikola, a few questions...


                Does this happen with every browser, or only some?


                Is your site definition in DW correct?


                Do all the files (CSS, images, HTML, etc) needed for the page exist within your site definition in DW?


                When you initiate the preview from DW, can you describe exactly what you're doing?




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                  Amit Kishnani



                  please try the below steps.


                  1.  please make sure that Firebug is engaged for your page, by default  Firebug is not engaged (grey) in color , when engaged it turns orange  color - please ensure that Firebug is orange for your page

                  2. Ensure that "Net" tab of Firebug is enabled

                  3. Refresh your page


                  this  will ensure that "Firebug net cache" is available and will  increase/improve performance for streaming assets back to BL cloud  service for preview.


                  please try the above steps - it should fix the issue you are running into.



                  Amit Kishnani



                  PS : these instructions/optimizations are specifically for Firebug integration with BL/