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    Registration PopUp Window Won't Go Away

    sapat0827 Level 1

      I got no help with this calling support, and no help doing the 'Chat Live', so hopefully there's ppl here who might be able to help.


      I have Photoshop CS2 v9 for Windows.  It used to be on a Windows XP computer, but that computer died a few months ago.  I now have a new computer with Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit.


      I installed my Photoshop CS2 v9 on the new computer, and the registration window popped up.  I click 'don't register' because I had already registered it on my old computer.  But every time I opened PS, the Registration window opened.  I finally just decided I would go ahead and go through the registration process again just to get rid of the window.


      Now, every time I open PS, I am still getting the 'Register' window.  I chatted with an online support person who referred me to tech support.  I called tech support and they were no help either.  Tech support said it's not an activate or re-activate situation because the software works fine.


      The online chat guy said there was a file somewhere on the computer I could open in a text editor and change regisration to "never" and it would stop.  But my computer has no such file.


      Is there any way to make the window quit opening?  The software is registered and needs no further activation, so what is the problem?