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    Adobe Reader could it be a VIRUS?


      I turned on my computer this  morning and noticed Adobe Reader icon in the bottom right hand corner  of my screen telling me to install updates.  I  clicked it to download but it did not ask to by pass my admin with a pass  word.  It went right in into the download.  Could this be a virus?  The icon is now waiting for me to restart  my computer to complete it's download.  How do I know it's from Adobe?  I Googled "Adobe Reader Virus" and it looks like it does exists.  I've already had a virus and  now I'm sick that this could be one!  I'm running a virus scan but afraid that a restart could be where the virus takes over. Thank you for you any help!

      *I tried to post this on the Adobe Reader forum, it said I didn't have authorization.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Which version of Adobe Reader to you have?


          The latest version for Acrobat X or Adobe Reader X is 10.1


          How is your Adobe Reader application preferences set for the update service?


          Do you believe everything you read on the Internet?


          Was the post on the Adobe.com site?


          There was an issue with a version called Acrobat/Reader 10. But Adobe has branded the version after 9 as Acrobat X or Adobe Reader X.


          There is a current warning about a Trojan called Adobe Reader 2011.


          Alert: Adobe Acrobat/Reader Upgrade Email Spam/Phishing Scam


          Adobe Reader Help and Support

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            idigtv Level 1

            Hi GKaiseril,


            I have 10.0 version.  If this is a real update then once I restart my computer it might be 10.1.


            I just opened my reader and clicked for the updates and it brought up the pop up that's been waiting for me.  So that is giving me the feeling it's a real update.


            My paranoia got the best of me.  And your right I don't believe eveything I read on the internet.  You really help me, thank you for your time.