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    Problem merging XML and XDP

    Marcos J Pinto Level 1



      I created a process in Workbench, using Output ES, to merge XDP to XML files and create PDF documents. It works fine.


      Now I've created an 1.1 version of this same solution to do exactly the same thing, changing only the XDP model and the correspondent XML.

      I generated the XML file from Designer using the XDP template. When previewing in Desiner it works just fine.


      However, when I tried to run the process with this new pair of XDP-XML files, I got this error message:


      Reason of failure is-----ALC-OUT-001-608: Could not parse records from data file. Record name or record level may be incorrect.


      I have no idea as to why this is happening, once the XML has been generated from the same XDP I'm working with in Workbench.


      Please, any hints?


      Thank you!



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          Hodmi Level 4

          The "Record Name" and "Record Level" refer to the Batch Options section of GeneratePrintedOutput operation.   Is there something in these fields that does not correspond to your XML file.


          For example is the Record Name set to something that doesn't align with the XML?

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            Marcos J Pinto Level 1

            Thank you Hodmi,


            I had forgotten to define the Record name parameter in the PDF Output Options.

            As the XML structure changed, not upating this parameter was preventing the process from working.


            Now it is working just fine. Thank you!