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    Suggestions Needed: FlashLite GIS Application


      Target platform: FlashLite 2.x -3.x. My users don't have FL 4 devices yet.
      Target devices: Nokia S40 (.nfl), S60 (.sis), and some J2ME enabled devices (.jar).
      I've already gone through  some of the Forum Nokia wiki content on LBS and its relation in Flashlite.

      Actually what i want to build is suppose to be like a dynamic map  application (as opposed to the 'static map' kind seen in some of the  wiki content as well as the nokia FlashLite tutorials). Such that when  the user pans the map on the device, the map re-renders. More like what  you'd have on a desktop map application (i.e. interactive in-nature).
      Users will be entering their location by themselves (before they can  perform map queries and stuff like that), so the application won't be  making use of GPS.

      Then there's the issue of data transfer across the network. The mapping  webservice i plan to use as the backend(on the server), for the  application, gives an output of XML. XML , being very verbose in nature,  isn't very well suited for the mobile app. so i was thinking of using  'flash remoting', but that seems to be only supported in FL 3.x upwards.  Not FL 2.x.
      Then there's the issue of building an in-client cache to hold some of  the data, when the user runs the app offline, or just to enable faster  rendering.
      There're alot of issues. I'm just not so sure where to start. Was planning to use the Modest Maps AS2 libraries. But it still seems there're alot of 'moving parts' in the proposed application.

      Was  wondering if someone on the Forum had built a similar GIS mobile app.  (maybe not neccessarily in FlashLite), if they could give some pointers  and stuff like that.

      Thanks for replies in advance.