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    Unable to download Device Profiles???

    jdscams Community Member

      Im following a tutorial on device central and I get this error when trying to drage devices that i want to test into the Test

      Devices Box.


      What am i missing?

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          jsnandi Community Member

          Are you still facing the problem? If so, more details will be helpful to assess your problem, things like, what Device Central version, which platform, whether a firewalled company network, are you not able to download any profile at all, have you tried using the context menu option of downloading the profile instead of dragging and dropping? etc. etc. It will also be interesting to know which tutorial you are following.


          We will do our best to solve your problem.




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            Hi, I'm having the same issue.

            Can download community device profiles, but not Adobe certified ones.


            Am running Device Central 5.5 (v 3.5.0 (263)), Win XP SP3, and have tried adding via drag-and-drop, Device menu in top navigation and via context menu (right-clicking) on a device in the Device Library. Choosing 'Download Device Profile' or 'Add to Test Devices' results in the same error.