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    How are you using Wallaby? (Request from Adobe)

    michael.orourke Community Member


      As a developer on the Wallaby team, we would like to hear from you about how you are using Wallaby.  We are specifically interested in hearing about how you are using Wallaby in a production environment.  Any details you could provide about the type of content converted would be great.  Conversely, we would also like to know what issues or missing functionality might be preventing you from using Wallaby for production work.


      Thank you for your interest Wallaby.  Your feedback is critical in guiding the future direction of the technology. 

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          First of all - I love the idea behind Wallaby!


          In my mind the biggest obstacle in using it is the lack of Android support. Webkit is used by both iOS/Android but I understand SVG support is omitted from the Android browser (there are some rumors that Honeycomb should correct this). However would it be possible to have some sort of a fallback mechanism in place for browsers that don't support SVG? Like possibly an extra (optional) checkbox to just render everything as PNGs too?


          What I wanted to use Wallaby for is for animated elements in html/js cross-platform mobile development. So basically I'd code everything in javascript/html5 and then use tools like Phonegap to export it as an app for Android and iOS (and possibly other platforms in the future). This is why for example file size is not an issue in my case and having a png-based fall-back mechanism could be an attractive option until the SVG support is sorted out and the next version of Android is widely adopted.


          Also a quick question - any idea why html5 wallaby-exported animation is running terribly choppy on my new (dual-core?) iPad2 and yet smoothly on my old iPhone 3GS? Doesn't make any sense.

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            I'm in the Digital Publishing Prerelease program (creating "apps" or magazines for the iPad.) I wanted to do a cover with a simple slide in animation which I was able to code usings/CSS/html 5. The problem with my coding was that the animation would sometimes load and sometimes not. This was inconsistent and I could not solve the problem. I recreated the animation in Flash and used Wallaby to generate the html/css. The animation performed as desired with one exception--it seemed to slow down the page load very slightly with the result that the background image (whether part of the animation or not) would take a fraction iof a second to resolve - going from blurry to sharp.

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              Currenty using Wallaby to cut a lot of work.  Sencha-touch does not stop animation and importing/editing graphics is time-consuming.


              What is needed is actionscript that could be converted into the JQuery instead of css3...dontcha think so?  some simple actionscript would be really helpful (the same thing that you did with Flash Lite 1.0 years back in Japan) . Predicting that your team is already working with this.

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                I am happy to have such an product althogh not very handy and not much features but still good idea and hope fully helpfull in near future i have tried it on one of the add for ipad let us see how good it responds from my client , as an addition i would like to have more control on the things happening after convertion i.e. documenttion on javascript being used as it is css is prety stright forward thoug.

                still need more examples and tutorials regarding understanig so we can manipulate it as per our needs.

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                  Hello, Thanks a lot for your efforts to write a Flash->HTML5 converter.

                  I understand, that it is currently not supporting AS3 conversion.

                  May I ask, whether you heard about emscripten (https://github.com/kripken/emscripten) - This is a LLVM to JavaScript compiler which runs well.

                  Having this and your great ios-exporter (which uses LLVM as a middle layer) it shouldn't be too complicated to add AS3 to JavaScript to Flash.

                  I can give you more details, if wished.

                  To explain: We are developing most of our web-based-stuff with Adobe Flash CS 5.5 and are currently evaluating whether we should continue (this would be the best solution for us, because of the code base and most of all because of the great Flash-IDE Debugger etc.)

                  With an extended Wallaby, we could write cross-plattform code: for apps and for web and all with one code base (which is AS3, a great object oriented language).

                  As you see, we are more than willing to support your platform. But for this, we need support from you as well:


                  1) What is the roadmap of Wallaby (To be honest, I cannot understand why you are not publishing this, this would be a great opportunity for you to sell more Flash CS 5.5 and most of all keep the huge developer base with Adobe)


                  2) Is it planned, to do more frequent updates on Wallaby (I cannot wait half a year to get a bug fixed, a timeframe of four weeks would be perfect)


                  Thanks and I am open for every discussion on this topic.


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                    Yozef0 Community Member

                    There was something reassuring in CarlMa's remarks, which I share.  Somehow, I saw it more Flex -> HTML5 + JS Components (matching all attributes one to one).  Either case Wallaby is a great attempt and adventure which I'm sure will export in one way or another the Flash Stage to the HTML5 Canvas through Adobe's SVG, effectively & efficiently.   It is obvious that Adobe in a way has an important impact on W3C's HTML5 and web standards through the tools they create for the developer community.  As for Wallaby in production, as is today, is fairly primitive and narrow in it's use cases, and but a great endeavour to pursue!

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                      this is completely brilliant! I converted one of my student's animations almost instantly. they're using Flash to create splash pages for their e-portfolios (at my insistence even though some of them are balking due to iProduct and Lion compatibility issues).


                      I presume it will work on iPads; they will be so freaking happy and so will I!


                      why aren't we hearing more about this? when will it be updated?


                      this could be revolutionary!


                      thank you guys. please finish!!!!!




                      Mike Kelly

                      RMU IAD Professor

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                        I have an .htrml page that previously had two .swf files running on it that I've converted to Wallaby .css/.js animations so that they'll show up on mobile devices. After I had converted the first .swf animation and pasted the code in both the <head> and <body> section, it displays and animates great. However, once I add the second animations code in both the <head> and <body> section, it really screws up how both of them display and animate. Can I not have two running on one page?


                        Here's the page I'm working on.





                        It would also be nice to be able to convert .fla files that contain either embedded video or an external video with playback component.