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    After Effects cs5.5 aerender.exe Serial Number Problems

    MacDaddee Level 1

      We upgraded our company from cs2 to cs5.5 Windows 7 OS.


      We are trying to get our renderfarm machines to install render-only versions of the after effects render engine. We've have got it to install.. but when we send the command line renders we get the error:


      "Unable to obtain a license. Please run the full application to correct the problem or get a more detailed message."


      When we run the full app, it tells us to register with our serial number.


      The problem is we only have a certain amount of serials for our workstation computers, and don't want to use up all the activations on the render-only units.


      I attempted to call phone-support over the last few days, and the only answer that comes back is that you DO NOT have to enter the serial number.. although my error message tells me otherwise.