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    Failure Trace stack frame paths are incorrect

    shoggoth000 Level 1

      I am using FlexUnit heavily, and appreciate it mightily.


      However, there is one very powerful annoyance in the Failure Trace window in Eclipse/FlashBuilder.  When I double-click on a stack frame, FlexUnit attempts to open the source file using the wrong path.


      For instance, my assert is thrown on the following stack frame:


      **[ at my.package::MyTestCase/myTestFunction(MyTestCase.as:127) ]


      When I double-click the stack frame, it commands the editor to open file:




      Which the editor complais that 'does not exist'.


      When I inspect the properties of the actual file resource, Eclipse/FlashBuilder shows mee that the path is:




      Note the lack of '/RootFolder'.  I'm not sure why FlexUnit is tacking that on there, but it is causing the Editor View to choke.  /RootFolder is the folder that my project folders _happen to be in_, but I think it is irrelevant as far as my workspace is concerned.  My workspace folder is somewhere else entirely, if that is important (actually in /RootFolder/../workspaces/something/ FWIW)


      Any workarounds?