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    How to inspect Adobe Drive requests using Fiddler or similar tool?

    mandarpkulkarni@gmail.com Level 1

      I have added our DAM server as a network drive using Adobe Drive. I need to capture and inspect the requests sent by Adobe Drive to my DAM server. Can I do this using Fiddler or Wireshark or any similar tool?


      I have read Fiddler help which gives steps to configure applications to use Fiddler. But I am not able to figure out how to do that with Drive.


      For the testing purposes, both Drive and the server are installed on local machine. But I do make request with http://machinename instead of localhost.


      The reason I want to do this is some operations like 'check out' selected from Drive menu, does not hit my code at all. I want to check the discrepancies that's causing this.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.