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    Fireworks CS5 wont start up in lion (error in preferences folder)

    Sofus Comer

      Ok, after 10 days with out FW CS5 on my new Lion installment. I finally cracked some kind of bug where FW would freeze just after loading and the last text in the CS5 logo was tabs and then the processor would go up to around 81% and just freeze.


      Apple and Adobe, both blame each other and none could give an answer, but to re-install everything, which i just had done. (Man the big dudes are lost sometimes!)


      "My" problem turned, that I seemlessly had a corrupt file in my ~/Library/Preferences/

      But i couldnt figure out which one it was.


      I ran a Terminal plutil -s *.plist and no errors showed up.


      The solution turned out to be:

      Deleted the entire macromedia folder in the ~/Library/Preferences/ folder and now its working.


      macromedia is the name of the old FW creators before Adobe took over.


      So i am guessing there is some kind of error, but who can tell. I cant, adobe cant and apple cant.


      Well hope this helps somebody!