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    Flash Component swc and components panel question



      I did not use the mxi file to install the component.  Now it is installed, but within my directory it shows 2 more components.  The List, and Label component are there.

      I thought only my component would be there.  Should I delete these from my the library?


      I tried deleting them.  That was a bad idea.

      Should I just leave them?

      Is that the way extended components show in the components panel?



      I'm creating a tree component for as3.  I've followed the instructions on this page, up to 9



      And it works if I drag the comonent from my component file to any file I want to use it in.


      But it doesn't work if I try to export the component as a swc to the same directory, then copy that swc to the User Interface directory.


      I refresh the component panel,  and it appears, but when I drag it from the components panel to a new file, the assets are not imported.

      Only the component itself.


      Do I need to install the fla somewhere?