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    AME CS4 stereo project to mono output issues

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      I'm having a problem with an export- I'm trying to export to h.264 mp4 using the h.264 preset


      My source is a Pr Pro CS4 sequence that has 2 audio tracks (track 1- VO ; track 2- music bed (Soundbooth score)) and for both of them- I've left the panning untouched- the panning is default at 0 (equally on the left and right channels) for both audio tracks


      now when I try to export my .mp4 with mono audio (the video portion looks great) -the resulting file- I hear track 2 (music bed) but not track 1 (VO)


      when I export as stereo it sounds fine- but I would like to export as mono so as to avoid any audio playback issues people may experience- as people have complained in the past of only being able to hear one channel from their cpu speakers when I export a stereo file


      I'm using the AAC, also tried the AAC version 1 and 2- also tried nesting the final sequence and exporting that- nothing is working- I still get the same problem


      any thoughts?





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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          If you want a mono export, create a new sequence with a mono Master track and copy/paste your clips into that.


          On a side note, there really won't be any trouble playing a stereo file, except maybe for the truly computer illiterate, and even for most of them, it'll work just fine.  You really need to have messed up your system ahead of time to hear just one side of a stereo file.  That kind of messed up system is not something you can, or should, always compensate for.  I say create the stereo, and if someone's system is so glitched they can't hear it properly, it ain't your problem.