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    can't play ogv or webm online only locally


      The following code works fine online but not after I upload  to my webhost(godaddy).


      <video width="420" height="236" controls preload="false">
      <source src="videos/explore_promo.mp4" type="video/mp4" />
      <source src="videos/explore_promo.webm" type="video/ogg" />


      the mp4 works fine  it's just ogv and webm that diesn't work


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          pziecina Adobe Community Professional



          Check with your web host that these file types are supported by their server.



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            AttaBoy2 Level 3

            That worked.   They told me to create a .htaccess file and uplaod it.  I had to learn what a .htaccess file was and what to write in it but it all turned out well so I'm happy. 

            For anyone who hasn't gone through this before a .htaccess file is one way to make changes on a lynux server.  It's not the prefered way but it's the way the folks at godaddy told me to do it.  Notice .htaccess starts with a dot, notepad wouldn't let me save a file if the name started with a dot so I left the dot off and renamed the file after I uploaded to the server.

            The entire contents of my .htaccess file goes like this.


            AddType  video/ogg  .ogv

            AddType  video/mp4  .mp4

            AddType  video/webm  .webm


            simply AddType followed by the mimetype fillowed by the file extention of that mime type you want to use.  I didn't need to include mp4 as that worked already.