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    john beardsworth Rockstar

      Does it make sense that loading a very simple, small HTML file (4kb) via Overlay Creator's Web Content would turn an article upload that happens in seconds into a 105mb mini-monster that takes minutes to upload?



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          john beardsworth Rockstar

          Some of the symptoms here seem related - only in my case the uploads/downloads do happen, if one's patient. I'd also add I'm using ID5.5 on a Win7/64 bit machine with 5 meg upload speed.

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            fredericbotton Newcomer

            Well, a simple html  file (one liner with a <video> tag)  ended up with a 350 MB file for me. So that's 400 kB without the html oneliner, and 350 MB with. The video was supposed to be retrieved online, but it looks like it is embedded (though it still requires an Internet connexion to work).

            Could it be that html inclusion fills the folios with cache?

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              john beardsworth Rockstar

              My file was even simpler - 4 or 5 paragraphs and no linked content. I wondered if it was trying to drag in something from the XHTML namespace, but I have no found where the folio files are being written locally, so I will open one up and investigate.

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                john beardsworth Rockstar

                It looks like the uploaded .folio file for this article didn't just contain the article - it contained all the files and subfolders for the magazine project. This was because the html file I added was actually stored in the project's root folder, under which were subfolders of my original indd files and other original content. Once the html file was moved into its own subfolder, the upload was as small and fast as one would expect.

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                  Johannes Eckert Champion

                  really? DPS is carrying around this bug since prerelease. Hope they can get

                  around this soon.



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                    john beardsworth Rockstar

                    Yes, I just confirmed it by opening up my .folio file. I had no idea it was a known bug - I've only just begun to get into all this.



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                      Johannes Eckert Champion

                      I don't think this is a "known" (as in "acknowledged") bug. I just

                      encountered this behaviour in prerelease and just hoped they fixed this in

                      some of the many versions after that.

                      I think it is hard to identify all the assets an HTML file needs (because of

                      some lazy load techniques and indirect refers, such as @import), so they

                      just pust all the content lying around the HTML file into the folio.

                      I always put HTML in a separate folder (just to keep myself organized) and

                      so came around this behaviour.



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                        john beardsworth Rockstar

                        Now I understand what happens, I'm not too worried about the behaviour and it's easy enough to avoid. Everything else is organized into subfolders but this html file was just dumped in the root folder while I was figuring out ways to keep text content in sync in portrait and landscape layouts. But it is such an easy "mistake" to make. Maybe the palette should point to a folder rather than allow the user to specify a file?

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                          Johannes Eckert Champion

                          good point with that folder-pointer.



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                            We just ran into exactly this problem. We found about 95Mb of useless-to-the-user InDesign files, tiffs, PSDs, whatevers, buried in the commercial App! But only on pages where the HTML was sat next to the InDesign file.


                            There are both file size and IP issues here, which we could really do without.


                            Thanks for the tip about putting the HTML in a separate folder - we'll deploy this for our update.

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                              john beardsworth Rockstar

                              That's an important comment about potential IP risks.



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                                Johannes Eckert Champion

                                what are IP risks?



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                                  Bob_Abbott Newcomer

                                  IP, as in Intellectual Property - copyright protected stuff.


                                  If it sweeps up everything sat next to the HTML file, you could inadvertently distribute a bunch of Jpegs from picture library that happened to be in that folder.


                                  I appreciate they'd be packaged up in the App, so most users would be blissfully unaware, but it only took me 2 mins to discover how to get to them.