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    Glyph agro




      Somehow need to get this (Russian/Turkish?) name – Aygen Yayıkoğlu – into Frutiger body copy. It's the 'g' with the breve-looking thing I can't figure out. Any ideas? Desperate...



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          Michael Müller-Hillebrand Level 4



          the ğ is a Turkish letter (\u011F LATIN SMALL LETTER G WITH BREVE). You would need a modernized Frutiger version which includes that glyph but I am not sure there is one available. Some fonts are not available with extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek glyphs (also know as the WGL – Windows Glyph List, see wikipedia.org). So your other option is to create it from g and ˘ (breve), characters which have been available at least on Mac for years so I guess even on Windows you can access them. Well, just copy and paste from this.


          - Michael