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    [Premier Pro CS3] 30 FPS AVI issue

    LeeDavila Level 1

      I'm trying to edit an .AVI file that was rendered at 30FPS from Camtasia. We've done dozens of these 1 hour presentations over the past year. Here's the issue: When I Import the AVI, Premier thinks this 1 hour file is only 2+mins long! I've confirmed that the AVI is, in fact, 1 hour (playing it in WMP), but Premier cannot "see" any more than the first 2 mins. What could cause this? Any help would be appreciated.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I have encountered similar, from time to time. In my case, the problem files are conversions to DV-AVI Type II, and it seems limited and random. The Duration is seen incorrectly, but I have never found out what is wrong - has to be something different in the file's header, but I cannot find the issue.


          Quite by accident, I stumbled on a "fix," though it might not be viable for you. I found that PrElements could Import the problem file, with zero issues. If I just Import, drag to Timeline, and then Export to the exact same specs., DV-AVI Type II, that resulting file worked perfectly in PrPro, and all the time!


          I have studied the two files, and cannot find any difference, even in a text editor, looking at the headers. Every utiltiy that I have run the two files through declares them identical, but they are not - one is perfect, where the other shows the wrong Duration in PrPro.


          Wish that I had some sort of reason, or could point you to a value in the header, to change, but I am at a complete loss as to explain the issue.


          As PrE fixes things for me, it might be possible that running the file through a conversion program (that is precisely what I am using PrE for - conversion), the Duration issue will be fixed?


          Good luck, and though with slightly different files, you are not alone in this.



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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I can't help directly (don't use Camtasia) but some previous discussions of screen capture programs may help... not all related to Camtasia, but ideas for similar products may be helpful


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