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    How to paste HTML into Contribute Pages

      How can I paste HTML into contribute pages. I am trying to post affiliate link code from LinkShare into my webpage and when I paste it, it shows the code as TEXT code, rather than executing the HTML code I am pasting. How can I fix that?
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          arao2k6 Level 2

          Try using File -> Actions -> Edit in External Application.
          This should open Dreamweaver to add text incase you have it installed which is a default. You can configure what application to open in Preferences dialog -> Editors.
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            victoriajourneyzing Level 1
            I have the same problem with an Amazon source html and I do not have Dreamweaver the the option to go under File and use an external editor is not black, it's greyed out. I am still in my trial period but this is an essential feature == assuming I don't have Dreamweaver is there some other way of adding an html group of info to a page???
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              HangD Level 1
              For Windows you can use the built in Notepad.exe program or there is a free editor that I use regularly Notepad ++ - if you are on a Mac - TextWrangler is a free editor. The reason Dreamweaver is a good editor is because you get a code view and design view which is more similar to contribute's WYSIWYG style. Make sure you do what Avinash Rao suggested and configure it in your Contribute preferences > File Editors> click the + to add the program you are going to use, it will take you to the windows folder explorer and you will need to drill in the .exe of the program you chosed. Also make it primary under the Web Page Source extensions. You will get the following dialogue screen when you open the page in an external program.

              "When you finish editing this page:

              Save and close the file in Notepad++.
              Return to Contribute.
              Click the appropriate action button in the toolbar.
              If you want to resume editing this draft in Contribute, click Edit with Contribute

              If you want to open this draft again in Notepad++, click Launch. "