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    Cannot Resize Too Large Print Dialog Box

    PutridBeast Community Member

      When trying to print using Reader X, the print dialog is huge and the "OK" button extends off the bottom, making it inaccessible.  I have tried resizing the print box but the handles that appear on the edges will not adjust the size of the box.  This happens no matter the size of the Reader window with which I am working.


      Is anybody else running into this problem? Any idea how to fix it?


      I am using a screen resolution of 1024 x 768.



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          Earnest User Community Member

          I have the same problem too.  Did not have the problem with Reader v. 9.4.  Please advise how to adjust size.  Thanks.

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            Dave Merchant ACP/MVPs

            What operating system are you using, and do you have any custom settings applied to the display (increased font size, large taskbar, etc.)?


            The standard Print dialog on Windows Vista/7 is just under 730 pixels high, so it should *just* fit onto a 1024x768 screen with a default Windows taskbar.

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              Bey64 Community Member

              I am running the 768 height and cannot get to the ok button in the print box.  Please let me know if there is a solution.

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                Ervil Twink Community Member

                I am having the same problem to. Microsoft had no answers and said it was an Adobe problem. The only print dialog box I have problems with is the Adobe print dialog box and the one that USPS uses on their click and ship site. They had no answers either and said to contact Microsoft because I was using Windows 7 64 bit. I begin to wonder if the 64 bit Windows that I am running is causing the problem. I don't see anybody else having this problem until I found this site a few minutes ago. One person mentioned how you cannot resize the window, when I try to resize it it will jump down a 1/2 inch or so and then return back to the same spot. If you try it on the sides or corners it does nothing. I can print because if all you want to do is print 1 copy just hit the return button and it will start printing. I use a Canon MX870 printer and that is the dialog box that Windows uses for all printing tasks except when you want to print PDF files, etc. that are created with Adobe products. I never had any problem with any of the other versions and I think I might load down the one before the X. I have been on the Microsoft site and asked all these questions and not one high paid Microsoft employee could help with the problem and they acted like I was from Mars or something when I brought up the subject. Isn't there an Adobe tech that can help with this on this forum? Please help, Ervil Twink

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                  Dave Merchant ACP/MVPs

                  The standard Adobe Reader X print dialog in Windows 7 should be as shown below - 695 x 728 pixels.


                  It cannot be made smaller as the contents of Acrobat and Reader X dialog boxes do not reflow, but at the default size it does fit on a 1024x768 display.


                  If your dialog box is a different size or shape, please post a screenshot and detailed system information, in particular if you have made any changes to the Windows accessibility and font size settings.



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                    Ervil Twink Community Member

                    Click on this link and there is a screenshot of my printer dialog box that was posted on a Windows forum site that I had asked the same question as this original person to this post did. I posted a small shot and a larger shot. You can also see the other answers to the question which there were none as far as I was concerned.



                    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_programs/cannot-see-bot tom-buttons-of-print-dialogue-box-in/2ef12505-bf43-e011-90b6-1cc1de79d2e2

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                      1blrjohn Community Member

                      The solution - with Windows 7 - on your desktop, right click and select "Screen Resolution"

                      Then look for link near bottom "Make text and other items larger or smaller" and click there.

                      The default is 100%, but I had mine set at "Medium" - 125% to make reading easier.

                      Now, to correct the issue at hand, I have mine set to "Custom" at 105%  - and life is good.

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                        Ervil Twink Community Member

                        I set mine at 90% and it doesn't make any difference. Changing the resolutions, screen percentage, etc. does not solve the problem of the bottom buttons hiding themselves behind the bottom task bar. Click on the link that I posted in one of the other replies and you can see what I am talking about on how the bottom buttons are blocked by the task bar on the bottom of the screen. Yesterday I decided to uninstall Reader X and re-install Reader 9.4 and the print dialog box is about 2/3 the size and all the buttons on the bottom of the dialog box are visable. The program works like it should. Now I wonder if I should try and reinstall Reader X and see if there had been a problem when it installed originally? I would like to know what is causing this on some computers and some operating systems? It doesn't seem to make a difference if the circumstances with each computer are not the same?

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                          Xirad Community Member

                          Has this never been resolved?  I'm having the same issue on WinXP and Adobe Reader X   AND  Adobe Acrobat Pro X.  But my dialog boxes are HUGE.  So huge you can't read anything.  The same thing happens with any security error pop-ups, the Preferences dialog and any warnings that I've not saved my changes, etc.  All I can do is hit ESC or Enter and hope that whatever is selected is what I want.


                          I have the full Adobe Web Creative Suite 5.5 and all the rest of the products - Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc. behave correctly.

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                            Ervil Twink Community Member

                            Hello Xirad. I downloaded the 9.4 version of Adobe Reader and got rid of the X version and I have had no problems since except Microsoft keeps telling me daily that there is updates to this software available and would I like to update this at this time. I have to say know to that and say yes to the rest of the updates available of all the rest of the programs on my computer. Pain in the *** but at least I can print things out now. I have no clue what is causing it and why just a few of us is having the problem? Is it the computer we are using or what side of the equator we are located, etc. If anyone has the answers to this old problem, like maybe someone from Adobe???? I would be more than happy to download the X version again. Ervil

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                              Xirad Community Member

                              What's frustrating is this problem is with a PURCHASED product, not just the free Reader.


                              I too did what everyone else is doing and uninstalled Reader X and instead installed Reader 9.  Print, Preferences and the rest of the dialog boxes work fine.  Though now I have an error where if I just launch Reader I get the app up but a gray background.  After about 30 seconds I get a popup error saying The File Was Not Found.  I think it's that little shortcut help window that's supposed to pop up.


                              BTW, there are still security updates for 9 and you should install those - even as recent as a few days ago.  I think for version 10 it specifically asks you if you want to upgrade.  Under Preferences, Update you can turn off the update check too.


                              If I have time I'm going to call Adobe and book a case, since again, I PAID for Acrobat Pro X.





                              Here's what Preferences looks like in Acrobat Pro X:



                              acrobat preferences.jpg

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                                Ervil Twink Community Member

                                Hello Xirad, you would have thought someone from Adobe would have gotten back to me, I email them over 6 months ago and never received any kind of communication in return. Oh well, the 9.4 version is still working fine so I guess I can’t complain too much. How come not everybody has the same problem? I am running an IBM Lenovo laptop, what are you running?

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                                  I am having the same problem on WinXP with Adobe Reader X... Version 9 works fine btw. It has nothing to do with the screen resolution (i use the default settings).

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                                    LoriAUC ACP

                                    On computers with low resolution, such as 800 X 600, the Print and Cancel buttons can be off the screen. The free 10.1.3 update to Reader and Acrobat addresses this issue. You can install this update automatically from within Reader and Acrobat. If you cannot update at this time, do any of the following:

                                    • Drag the scroll bar on the right side of the Print dialog box down to access the buttons.
                                    • To print, press Enter or Return.
                                    • To cancel, press Esc.


                                    This information has been taken from the following knowledgebase article Printing questions | Acrobat, Reader 10.1.2 or later.

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                                      PutridBeast Community Member

                                      I solved all of my Adobe Reader frustrations, including this one, by

                                      installing PDF-Xchange [

                                      http://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-viewer] and making it

                                      my default .pdf software.  I have not had a problem since and am very happy

                                      with the additional functionality provided by this lightweight software.

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                                        Counterdoc2 Community Member

                                        I solved the problem...

                                        The windows default font was missing. After reinstalling the standard fonts it worked fine!

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                                          LoriAUC ACP

                                          Thanks so much for letting us know how you solved your issue.

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                                            j1023walk Community Member

                                            Hi Lori,

                                            With all due respect, this is not an acceptable response.  I am running Windows 7 at 1280 x 800 resolution with version 10.1.4 of Adobe Reader, and the print window is still too big for my Viewsonic 22" screen.  Adobe needs to get their act together and FIX THIS!  If you need an example, just run Microsoft Word's Print Window.  Takes up less than 2/3rds of the screen, and has all the information needed in this window to print a quality document.  No excuse for Adobe.



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                                              LoriAUC ACP

                                              John this is a user-to-user forum and I'm just passing along suggestions. You can feel free to submit your issue here at this link Feature Request/Bug Report Form.

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                                                trickle Community Member

                                                Here is the answer that worked for me:


                                                Acrobat and Reader now take advantage of Hi-DPI monitors and can scale the user interface to 200%. This is automatically enabled using system settings and can be customized by choosing Preferences > General > Scale for screen resolution. The value is set to Auto by default, but it can be forced to 100% or 200%. Other items such as the font size, menu items, and drop down lists are controlled by the user’s system control panel rather than application’s preferences.

                                                11.0.07 scaling settings options and behavior are as follows:

                                                • Auto
                                                  • For settings up to 150%, display the UI at 100%
                                                  • For settings 150% or higher, display the UI at 200%
                                                • 100%
                                                • 200%
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                                                  My windows default font was not set. After setting it and restarted Reader my issues went away.

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                                                    cjestel Community Member

                                                    I have a larger resolution, but still had to scroll down to hit print.  That in itself wasn't too annoying, but the printer was autoselected, so when I scrolled with my mouse it would change the printer I was using. 


                                                    This resolution worked for me and I think will work for a lot of you as well.  Open reader, and then go to edit->preferences.  Click on General on the left hand side. Change "Scale screen resolution (requires restart):" to 100%, then scroll to the bottom and hit OK.  Close reader, and then re-open it.  The print dialog box when I went to print after that was a normal size.