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    V1.5 tools and publishing

    fredericbotton Level 1

      Sorry if this is a question already asked and replied - I have searched the forums before posting...


      I'm about to upgrade Folio Producer Tools from 1.1.4 to 1.5.0. I already have one magazine published on stores. Will I have to rebuild iPad & Android viewers using v1.5 if I intend to publish a new version of the magazine's folio?

      In other words, are Folio Producer and Viewer Builder versions linked?

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          fredericbotton Level 1

          Okay, found the answer 8-)

          So yes, I need to rebuild the custom app (and therefore resubmit to Apple) to upgrade a folio made with 1.5.0.

          Please Adobe guys correct me if I'm wrong.


          Another question: using the Folio Producer web pages online, is there a way to know which version has been used to produce a folio?

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            Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

            That's correct. If you install the newest Folio Producer tools, you need to use Viewer Builder to update your custom viewer app. By the way, that's why you can update the Folio Builder panel separately - so you can stay on an older set of tools until you're ready to update the viewer.


            Whenever a new Viewer Builder or Folio Builder panel is available, and update it required. Updating the Folio Producer tools (authoring tools) is optional.