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    i want to make sure that "if" is work fine in pixelblender3d

    m_icy Level 1

      as the title:

      it seems it not work.


      <languageVersion : 1.0;>
      material kernel phong
          namespace : "AIF Test";
          vendor : "Adobe";
          version : 1;
          parameter float3 uNMatrixPart_A;
          parameter float3 uNMatrixPart_B;
          parameter float3 uNMatrixPart_C;
          parameter float3 uAmbientColor;   
          parameter bool uUseLighting;
          parameter float3 uLightingDirection;   
          parameter float3 uDirectionalColor;   
          input vertex float3 aVertexNormal;
          input image4 inputImage;
          input vertex float4 vertexUV
              id: "PB3D_TEXTURE_COORDS";


          // Interpolated.
          interpolated float4 interpolatedUV;
          interpolated float4 vLightWeighting;


          // Output.
          output float4 result;
          void evaluateVertex()
              interpolatedUV = vertexUV;
                  float3x3 uNMatrix=float3x3(uNMatrixPart_A,uNMatrixPart_B,uNMatrixPart_C);
                  float3 transformedNormal = aVertexNormal*uNMatrix;
                  float directionalLightWeighting=max(dot(transformedNormal,uLightingDirection),0.0);
                  float3 tmpWeigth=uAmbientColor + uDirectionalColor*directionalLightWeighting;


          void evaluateFragment()
              float4 textureColor = sample(inputImage, float2(interpolatedUV.x, interpolatedUV.y));
              float4 tmpColor=textureColor*vLightWeighting;


      The error is : "TypeError: Error #1034: 强制转换类型失败:无法将 com.adobe.pixelBender3D.asm::IfBlock@2273b01 转换为 com.adobe.pixelBender3D.asm.BasicBlock。"


      and i need a solution to this.