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    Illustrator error upon closing


      I am getting an error window upon closing Illustrator that says "Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution.

      So I have to click cancel , the error window comes up again and I have to click cancel again, this happens everytime I close Illustrator. The program works fine and all the other programs within the Master Collection CS5.5 seem to be working fine. Just tired of clicking cancel.


      I am using Windows 7 - 64 bit system. I called Adobe tech support and they would not help because it is not considered an installation issue.


      Does anyone have any suggestions or fix for this? I have a windows log file on the error (clicked the view info tab on the error window) -- it is 24 pages long so I will not post it here unless someone really wants to see it.

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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The usual reason for this kind of error message is that you don't have permission to write the preferences file to wherever it is located. This is the last thing that AI does when quiting so try resetting the permissions.

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            Same issue here, I have found this is mainly in part of  the total CPU usage as illustrator subsist being a memory hog by nature so keep in mind size total of open files and how many files are open at once. 

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              Anish Singla Adobe Employee

              Try deleting preferences and then launch illustrator.

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                David Burkhart Level 1

                I have the same problem using Windows 7 / 64-bit. The problem has existed since the last update from Adobe. I was hoping the next update would fix it. But, no more updates ever rolled out.


                It's not a permissions problem with or corruption in preferences. Preference changes apply correctly when modified and are retained after re-launching Illustrator.


                Most of the products in the Creative Suite have major efficiency flaws. So, Illustrator being a CPU hog at times when it shouldn't even be active comes as no surprise. I'm not bad mouthing Adobe. It's just the way the software industry seems to work for most.

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                  Here's what I did to cure the problem.  It seems that on an Intell 64bt systems, Windows 7, the application's most recent update, out of the box, comes as as "unverified". (Thank you David)  So I launched Windows Process Explorer and went into the security tab for \\Adobe Illustrator CS5.1\Support Files\Contents\Windows\Illustrator.exe and verified the application.  It seems that Adobe has put a fix in, but the application needs to be re-verified in order to fully install the fix that cures this problem.  Otherwise it does not have the permissions to fix itself.  I apologize for the lack of technical jargon, but I don't get the error any more after doing these steps. I hope this helps. AI 5.1 is also, (correct me if I am wrong) a 32b application running on a 64b machine.  Don't know if they play nicely or not, for that reason alone, but the problem seems less about the operating system and more about permissions and the fix that Adobe pushes out for just this problem.

                  This is the version of process explorer I was using.


                  Double click on the executable.


                  Make sure your version is up to date and it says "verified" Adobe Systems Inc.


                  If it does not, then click on the verify button.

                  Then relaunch AI, quite and relaunch again, and at least for me, the problem went away.


                  Would love to hear from Adobe on the fix that cured this issue to see how close I was to getting the real tech answer.

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                    David Burkhart Level 1

                    Thanks for updating, "USGrant7".


                    I could not find any information on the "unverified"/"verified" status or the "verify button" you spoke of. I presume you were referring to functionality found only within "Windows Process Explorer" (for the sake of most other readers, Windows Process Explorer is a third-party utility and not part of Windows).


                    I do not have Process Explorer. And, the problem is not bad enough (or hasn't gotten annoying enough yet) to warrant me installing an application for such a limited use. However, if I cannot find a more conventional fix, I may eventually give it a try.




                    I did find another clue to the bug. I thoroughly searched Adobe's online fix-it-yourself information, trying everything that seemed applicable and reasonable. One thing finally had a direct effect, though not an appealing permanent solution for me personally. Solution 8 (see link below) instructs to try opening Illustrator in a new user account. Within the new user account, the problem does not ocur.

                    http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/troubleshoot-system-errors-freezes-windows.html# main_new_user_account


                    For a geek like myself, I have a lot of time invested in setting up and tweaking my user account to suit my taste. So, given a new clue to find the actual problem, I kept digging. Adobe's solution presumed to diagnose the cause stating, "If the problem doesn't recur, your standard user account lacks access rights to files and folders the Adobe application requires." I tried granting myself full control over everything in any Adobe folder I could find; in both Program Files folders, also in ProgramData and my user account folder. I eventually granted myself full control over everything in my user account folder. None of these attempts made any difference.


                    A closer look at Adobe's statement diagnosing the cause reveals an incredibly broad blanket specification, "...files and folders the Adobe application requires." That could mean anything, not just Adobe files or folders. I mused over what specifically Illustrator could possibly be trying to unsuccessfully access, only when closing, and that no other application in the Creative Suite would access. Other than a possible corrupted registry entries for Illustrator, "I got nothing."

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                      David Burkhart Level 1

                      Successful conventional resolution: Create a new user account.


                      This may not be the most appealing solution for some. And, a better one may eventually present itself. But, for now, this one does work.

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                        David Burkhart Level 1

                        Finally, A FIX !!!!!!!!


                        Here's the skinny:

                        • Open the TeamViewer window.
                        • From the menu bar, select "Extras" and "Options".
                        • Select the "Advanced" tab.
                        • Click the "Show advanced options" button and then the "Configure..." button (for "QuickConnect button").
                        • Add "illustrator.exe" to disable the QuickConnect button for it.
                        • You may also want to add "flash.exe" if you have professional installed, which is reported to have the same problem.


                        See my post of "Illustrator CS5 crashing on exit" for more information on this problem.


                        Good luck and happy illustrating without crashing every single time you exit Illustrator.

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                          Thank You soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! I would have never guessed it was Teamviewer related!

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                            Norm Sash Level 1

                            I was having the "Adobe Illustraitor has stopped working" error message every time on exiting Illustraitor.  In general, I have to admit that I absolutely hate Adobe products and find them a necessary evil.  But I have have to give a shout out to David Burkhart for his solution.  I made the specified changes in Teamviewer and all is working!   I don't know if the problem is Adobe or Teamviewer, but either way David's solution worked.  Thanks!!! (how did you ever figure that one out???)

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                              David Burkhart Level 1

                              The source for identifying the application involved was forum posts from and conversation between Antons Zotovs, "SntaCruz83", and "Wolfen_R". The rest I figured out by poking around my operating system's internals using a variety of tools and by guesswork, trial, and error.


                              I am guessing the Adobe product "hate" you mentioned comes about from the same characteristics that bother me: non-intuitive interfaces, inconsistent/incorrect terminology, lack of interoperability, or heavily bloated cost base. If you are wanting to try alternatives to Adobe's graphic-designer-three (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), try Serif products (PhotoPlus, DrawPlus, PagePlus). Serif may be a version or two behind Adobe products in functionality. But, they make up for it by excelling in all four of the aforementioned Adobe failings.

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                                Norm Sash Level 1

                                Hi David;


                                Sorry for the late reply.  Again, thanks so much for your discovery and solution.  It has definately worked for me and I have passed it on to Teamviewer.


                                As for Adobe products it appears you do understand my "hate" for those products.  Their terminology and interface is so different from what other acceptable platforms use and it makes it incredibly difficult to do something in Adobe for the first time.  I remember the first time I wanted to insert an image and the hours that it took researching to find the answer.  Any acceptable program would have used something like copy/paste or image>insert or similar.  But Adobe uses File>Place????  WTF!!!!!!  Hours wasted on that.  And I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way.  I know of many other users who get soooooo frustraited with the assinine design and human interface of Adobe products (try copying and paste an object in Adobe Acrobat...).


                                Anyway, I will definately check on Serif products.  Thanks for the pointer.

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                                  Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  like copy/paste or image>insert or similar.  But Adobe uses File>Place?


                                  Please mind that pasting and placing are two entirely different actions. They co-exist all-around in the design world, so I'm pretty sure that you'll meet both of them again whatever software you might turn to in the future.


                                  You'd better learn what both of them do to the files concerned or you might get in some trouble when producing stuff.

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                                    Norm Sash Level 1

                                    Thanks Monika.  Yes, I know that in parts of the Adobe world there are differences between "place" and "insert", and I understand that.


                                    I'm a very seasoned software user and use a ton of software applications and multiple different graphics packages.  Adobe products are without doubt - nothing even close - the most frustraiting products for me to work with.

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                                      David Burkhart Level 1

                                      I believe Mr. Sash was referring to the user interface and not the underlying features. His frustration with the "Place" operation is common to anyone unfamiliar with legacy Graphic Designer terminology from which the name was derived. As he emphasized, most common design software does prefer the less jargonistic term, "Insert", or the more widely used term "Paste". While Adobe's graphic-designer-three does use what everyone understands to be a basic "Paste" operation, the advanced operation to add a graphic link to externally stored information is a bit obscurely represented to most people as "Place". An acceptable resolution would be to add an alternate paste operation, such as "Paste link...", or a more forward-thinking "Paste with options...".


                                      My biggest annoyance is the use of terms like, "Black and White", which Adobe's user interfaces use to refer to images that seldom have much of either (grayscale); meanwhile, ambiguously referring to images that ARE black and white as "Bitmap". Aren't all rasterized images a bitmap?