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    Flash audio player does not work in Safari for Lion


      OS 10.7.1

      Safari 5.1


      Since updating to Lion the Flash audio player embedded on my radio station web pages and blogs does not play in Safari.


      The Flash audio player works fine on all my web pages and blogs in the latest versions of Firefox, Google Chrome and AOL Desktop in Lion, as well as Firefox and Internet Explorer in Windows 7.


      Does anyone know a fix for this issue with the Safari browser?


      Here are pertinent links:


      NOTE: The audio for my radio station will not play in any other audio player until after you first go to the default player page for the station server to activate for your IP here: http://siys.listen2myradio.com/


      It should also be noted that this older Flash player on the default player page for the radio station does play fine in Safari.


      After you have activated the radio station playback stream you can test the following pages:


      Radio web page: http://nch01.fortunecity.com/siys.html


      Blog web page: http://nightmarecityhalloween.blogspot.com/


      My embedded Flash player is hosted here:



      Thank you very much.