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    Why doesn't the new flash player I downloaded work? Tried it several times. Firefox 6.0.2.


      Every time I've tried to watch a youtube video in the past week it asks me to update my adobe flash player. I've tried at least 5 times over the course of several days and now I'm convinced that it isn't me. Apparently, you can't get tech support from adobe without spending money and if you ask me that sounds like a scam.


      Every time I download it I've followed the instructions perfectly. I'm using Firefox 6.0.2. After downloading it and closing my browser like it asks, I click "retry" then "finish" and it opens up a new firefox window that says I'm running the new adobe flash player. I'll try to watch a video and it doesn't work. It seems like a frivolous thing to spend this much time fixing but I want to watch the OU/FSU game online next week and I'm afraid this issue won't be sorted out in time