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    OpenGL transparency issues in Acrobat X (OSX)

    IT-HA Level 1

      When viewing 3D PDFs in Acrobat X (both Reader and Pro) under OSX, it seems the OpenGL display does not display tranparencies.


      On a PC this is fine, and when switching the Preferred Render option to Software it displays this, but without any shadows.


      I have tried this on a number of macs in the office, with the same results. Viewing the same document in Acrobat 8 shows the tranparencies correctly (we have just migrated from 8 to X).


      Apologies if this was a dupe issue - I trawled long and hard through the forums to see if anyone encountered the same issue.



      I am running OSX version 10.6.8 and Acrobat X version 10.1.0