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    HA! We've found a bug!!!

      This is a bug. For real. If you want to test it yerself, do this:

      1. Start a new director project
      2.import a song
      3. import a w3d file
      4. give it a script like this:

      "On beginsprite me


      member("w3d").camera[1].fieldofview = 34.5


      so far so good.

      Now, replace the song you've imported with a new one. Give it the same name as the first one. Open the script again for the W3d file and change something, like the volume exemple;

      "song(2).volume = 50" etc.

      Not, director will say something like:

      *"member("w3d").camera[1].fieldofview = 34?.5 number expected!"

      It appears that it can't handle decimals after this is done...
      :( WHAT THE Fk is happening? Our project is kinda ruined...daaamn
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          Level 7
          Does it help to put the sound portions of the script into a different
          script? You can attach multiple scripts to a single sprite. Make one
          of them deal with the audio and the other one deal with the field of
          view and whatever else is going on.

          Also, there are quite a few ways to play sounds, try some different
          ones, like puppetSound, or using the sound channels instead of lingo to
          play them.
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            tedalde2 Level 2
            I'm going way out on a limb here...

            I remember in a previous post you said you were from Sweden. I've had a handful of float number problems with users specifically from Sweden. I have no idea why, I just thought it was my company's computer setup.

            Do a search in the lingo forum for Sweden, and you'll find a post of mine from December 2004. Tell me if that looks similar to your issue...