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    Flash Player not working in IE8 or IE9

    lamb616 Level 1

      Had been using IE9 and all of a sudden had problems on all sites with Flash.  Went to a website and was prompted to "Click to install activex control: Adobe Flash Player". When I click to install, I get the error message that the "Flash Player I am trying to install is not the latest version. Please visit the download center to get the latest version."  I do that, go to install, download, run, etc. Then I get a message saying "Newer version already installed". If I look under my installed program, that IS the version that is installed.  I uninstalled it, and then re-installed it for Firefox.  That at least works somewhat, but I've had a lot of problems with FF lately with screen freezing, not responding, etc., and I have the same problems since uninstalling & reinstalling (not saying it's a Flash Player related problem, could be something different) which is why I've been using IE.


      I read about someone having a problem with IE9 and uninstalling and going back to IE8, so I did that, and here I am still having the same probem in IE8. 




      ETA:  Windows 7 Home Premium


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