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    EBU R128 measurement and plugin



      I'm starting to play with CS5.5, and it seems okay.

      I have been requested to analyse audio files to see if they meet EBU R128 specification, and to produce new masters for a few thousand files to meet this guideline.


      Feature Requests:

      - Statistics for this specification be available for the open audio file.

      - Possibly a plugin so a gain adjustment can be made to the content to meet the specification. It would be good if the plugin can also do companding and level adjustment, based on targeted Integrated Loudness and Loudness Range.




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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          Hi Graham and thanks for posting this.


          This is a real hot area that I've been watching closely and I'd want to make sure we get the workflow around this correct if we were to do this, so I encourage others to chime in on this if their employers, clients, or municipalities are requiring them to adhere to EBU R128 or ATSC loudness guidelines.


          Where would you like to see these algorithms implemented in Audition?


          I figured the likely places would be in _some_ of the following:

          • Amplitude statistics panel
          • Metering
          • Match Volume
          • Batch Processing
          • Diagnostics Panel


          Feedback anyone?

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            Robert J. Johnston Level 3

            I was curious about what EBU R128 was about and quickly realized that I know nothing. Anyway I came across two EBU Loudness meters that will show up under VST plug-ins in Adobe Audition CS5.5. I'm sure Adobe and you know about these:


            I found one at www.toneboosters.com for about 10 Euro ($13 to $14 US).



            The other EBU loudness meter I found was the NUGEN Audio VisLM-C for $299 US. That's a standalone and VST plug-in. The VisLM-H is $449. http://www.nugenaudio.com/shop.php